Livio Mehus

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Livio Mehus, Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine, c. 1675

Livio Mehus (May-Hews. Nor.) (1630 – 7 August 1691) was an Flemish painter and engraver of the Baroque period, active mainly in Florence. Born in Oudenaarde in Flanders. After an obscure training in Milan with a battle-painter, he traveled at the age of 15 years to Rome, he found a powerful patron in Prince Matthias of Tuscany. In Rome, he was a pupil of the painter Pietro da Cortona, and often worked with Ciro Ferri. He had extensive patronage from the Medici family. From Florence, he left to join theater players for the Duke of Savoy in Turin, but after three years he returned to painting in Florence, and again with the patronage of Prince Matthias, he joined Stefano della Bella. He helped in the decoration of the cupola of the church of La Pace at Florence.

He specialized in painting lush mythologic scenes.


There is a painting by this painter in the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City,Missouri.