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Llama Farmers were a musical group formed in Greenwich, England in 1997.

The band's line-up consisted of singer/guitarist Bernie Simpson, guitarist William Briggs, bassist Jennie Simpson and drummer Brooke Rogers. They released their first singles through the Fierce Panda label and their albums – Always Echoes in 1999 and El Toppo in 2001 – through Beggars Banquet Records. Their musical style has been described as a mix of Britpop and grunge.[1]

Llama Farmers played the NME Premier Tour in 1999, and opened for Green Day and Foo Fighters.[2] In 1998 they appeared at the Reading Festival.[3]

The band reformed under the name Bear Hug in 2006, but had no plans to record new songs or be the Llama Farmers again.


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