Llandeilo Llwydarth

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Llandeilo Llwydarth is an ancient area in the foot of the Preseli Hills that borders Llangolman, Maenclochog, Llanycefn and Llandeilo, Wales. It is also the site of an ancient legendary church, linked to Saint Teilo and his skull, which was thought to have healing powers when water from the nearby well was drunk in it.[1]

The church today lies in ruin, and the skull is kept in the south chapel of Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.[2]

There remain several wells in the area, with some being high in minerals.[citation needed]

In 1450 the Bishop of ST Davids John de la Bere agreed to renounce his rights to lands held by Henry Perrot keeper of the Forest of Llwydarth. <NA.E. 326/13560>

The forest of Llwydarth covered some 300 acres in the fourteenth century but by the late sixteenth century it had all but disappeared. < Willis Bund, Black Book of ST David's >


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Coordinates: 51°54′36″N 4°45′40″W / 51.910003°N 4.761000°W / 51.910003; -4.761000