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Llanwarne is a village in Herefordshire, England. It is approximately six miles north-west of Ross-on-Wye, near Harewood End and Pencoyd. Llanwarne means The church by the swamp/marsh or alders, according to the Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names.

The ruined church of St John the Baptist, Llanwarne

The village's attractions, other than its scenic beauty, include the ruined Church of St. John, the Baptist. It was abandoned in 1864 due to constant flooding from the brook, the Gamber.

The chancel and nave of St. John's were built in the 13th Century, with later alterations, which include rebuilding of the south aisle and a cross being built in the churchyard during the 14th century. A tower and columbarium and a lych gate were added during the 15th century and in the 16th century, an Elizabethan monument was placed on the south wall. The porch and doorway were built in the 17th century.

This church was replaced by the current Christ Church, which is situated on higher ground slightly to the west of the original site.

Llanwarne is also the name of a family, originally from the region, whose lineage can be traced back as far as the fifteenth century. See the Family Tree here.

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