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Llena de Amor
Genre Comedy
Developed by Rossana Negrín
Starring Ariadne Díaz
Valentino Lanús
César Évora
Laura Flores
Azela Robinson
Altair Jarabo
Theme music composer "Llena de Amor" by Luis Fonsi
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 206
Executive producer(s) Angelli Nesma Medina
Location(s) Cancun, Xcaret
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV, 1080i HDTV
Original release May 3, 2010 – February 13, 2011
Preceded by Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe
Followed by Una familia con suerte
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Llena de amor (English market title : "Filled with Love") (Lit. translation: "Full of love") is a Mexican Spanish-language soap opera, produced by Televisa, that began airing in 2010.[1] It is a remake of the 2002–2003 Venezuelan telenovela Mi Gorda Bella,[2] which itself was inspired by the 1999–2001 Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea.

Llena de amor is about Marianela, an overweight girl, played by Ariadne Díaz (an average-weight actress who wore a fatsuit for the role), who is caught up in a set of family intrigues when she moves in with her aunt and uncle after becoming an orphan. The show premiered on May 3, 2010 in Mexico.[citation needed] It is produced by Angelli Nesma Medina.[1] It formally aired in the United States on Univision at 7pm/6pm central from August 9, 2010 to April 19, 2011, replacing Mi Pecado.

Starring by Ariadne Díaz and Valentino Lanús as the main protagonists, Laura Flores and César Évora as co-protagonists, while Azela Robinson, Alexis Ayala, Roberto Ballesteros, Altair Jarabo and Roberto Palazuelos as the main antagonists. With the participations of Cecilia Gabriela, Maria Elisa Camargo, Christina Masón, Armando Araiza and the first actor Aarón Hernán.


Marianela Ruiz y de Teresa is a sweet, overweight girl. She graduates with honors from a private school and returns to Mexico to live with her mother, Eva Ruiz y de Teresa and begin attending a university. When her mother is killed in a helicopter accident, Marianela is sent to live with her uncle, Emiliano, and his wife, Fedra (Juna Felipa Perez), along with her cousins, Emmanuel, Kristel, Gretel, and Axel.

Fedra is a cruel, money-hungry woman who has always envied Eva and hates Marianela because of her weight and because of the money she will inherit from her mother. Marianela is treated horribly by Fedra, Kristel, and Ilitia; however Axel and Gretel are supportive of her and Emmanuel is kind to her and calls her "gordita hermosa." Emmanuel has always been Marianela's love interest since childhood. Over time, Emmanuel develops feelings for Marianela and notices that he loves her.

Marianela also has a very supportive aunt, Netty who is an actress, and friends, Brandon, Doris, and Oliver. Fedra schemes and steals Marianela's inheritance from her mother, with a forged will that names her the sole beneficiary of Eva's millions. Fedra tries to kill Marianela many times. She puts poison in chocolates that Emmanuel gives her and she plays tricks on her. Fedra is the one that killed Eva as well as her father. And Gretel saw the whole thing and is faced with the crisis that makes people believe she is crazy.

Emmanuel asks Marianela if she wants to marry him. She says yes and then tells their family. Fedra, Kristel, Axel, and Ilitia were against them getting married. Axel was against it because after an accident where he almost lost his life Fedra sabotaged him to make him hate Marianela, but everyone else was happy for them. Ilitia was Emmanuel's ex-girlfriend and is "in love" with him. She is so angry that she and Kristel play a prank to stop the marriage. When Emmanuel goes to work that same day, Ilitia plans a bachelor party for him. The workers and Emmanuel get drunk. While they are getting drunk, Kristel goes to Marianela and gives her a fake invitation to Emmanuel and Ilitia's wedding. While Kristel is trying to convince Marianela not to get married to Emmanuel, Ilitia sends the workers home. Emmanuel falls asleep and then she puts Emmanuel on the bed, takes his shirt off, then she takes her clothes off and gets on top of him. Kristel takes Marianela to Emmanuel's workplace; when Marianela sees them, she leaves crying. Marianela calls her aunt in Spain and tells her she wants to visit her. The aunt agrees.

Emmanuel goes to Marianela's house the following day and finds out she is leaving. He rushes to the airport and tries to stop her, but he couldn't because he arrives too late. Emmanuel goes outside and sees her plane take off. Two guys go behind him and kidnap him. They put him in a truck; there is no one driving the truck and he has an accident. When Emmanuel wakes up in a hospital, he can't move his legs. At the same time, when Marinela got to Spain she had to go to the hospital because she fainted. The doctor told her that she was being poisoned, and the person that did this knew that she could not resist. Marianela gave the chocolates to the doctor, and after examining them, said that the chocolates had poison. He also told her that she had to lose weight because being overweight could give her various health problems. Marianela believed Emanuel was the one who was poisoning her when in reality it was Fedra and Bernardo.

Marianela started to exercise and, at the same time, Emmanuel started therapy to walk again. Two years later, Marianela had lost all her weight and Emmanuel could walk once again. Emmanuel asked Ilitia to marry him, and after winning a race but is still in love with Marianela, Emmanuel announces that he and Ilitia are to get married. Back in Spain, Aunt Carlota gets ill. When they receive a phone call, Fedra flies to Spain to kill Carlota after making her sign papers to transfer her money to Fedra while Marianela was at a business trip with Jorge a man who says is deeply in love with her.

While Fedra is in Spain, Marianela returns to Mexico when she finds out Emmanuel is getting married with Ilitia. On her wedding day, Ilitia is raped by Mauricio Fonseca. Marianela goes to Netty's house but the only one there is Doris. She talks with her and she finds out that Doris is a makeup artist. She asked her if she could disguise her. Ilitia arrives late to her wedding. During the ceremony Marianela arrives but no one is able to recognize her (due to her weight loss and her disguise). During the party they ask her what is her name and she lies by saying her name is Victoria de la Garza. She went to the office of the house and there she finds her self with Lirio de Plata. He ties her up and robs the place then leaves and Emilano goes in and unties her before the police arrive. She tells Brandon she is friends with Marianela. The next day Brandon takes her to Netty's house. She stays at Netty's house and brings with her Gretel, who is disguised as Victoria's younger brother Manolo. "Victoria" gets hired by Emiliano to work in the family company. A short time afterwards, Victoria gets control of the family company by orders of Marianela. Later, Marianela falls in love with Lirio De Plata without knowing it is actually Emmanuel and she becomes pregnant. Ilitia is pregnant with Brandon's baby. She discovers the truth about the pregnancy while Emanuel finally understands why he feels as if he's in love with 2 women: Marianela and Victoria are the same person yet he acts as if he doesn't know. He makes Marianela fall in love twice like she did with him. Fedra is burned alive by Lorenzo. Brandon and Oliver shoot and kill Lorenzo. In the end, Kristel marries Jorge, but they get divorced. Gretel and Oliver get married and have 2 kids. Ilitia and Brandon have 4 kids. Emiliano and Netty get married as well. Axel and Delicia stay married and have a kid. And Marianela and Emmanuel get married and have 2 kids. She opens up a center for Childhood Obesity and names the center after her mother. They all live happily ever after, except for Kristel who can't seem to find Mr. Right.


Actor Character Description
Ariadne Díaz Marianela Ruiz y de Teresa Pavon de Sevilla / Victoria de la Garza Montiel daughter of Eva and Luis Felipe, Fedra and Ernestina's niece, Kristel, Gretel and Axel's cousin, Maximo's grandniece, Emmanuel's wife
Valentino Lanús Emmanuel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel / Emmanuel Sevilla Perez "Hijo de Lirio de Plata" Juana Felipa Perez and José María Sevilla biological son, Ilitia's ex-husband, Marianela's husband
Laura Flores Ernestina 'Netty' Pavón Romero de Ruiz y Teresa Eva's Pavón sister, Marianela's aunt, Emiliano's wife, adoptive mother of Oliver
César Évora Emiliano Ruiz y de Teresa Luis Felipe's brother, Gretel's cousin, Maximo's helpew, Carlota's helpew, Paula's stepmother, Marianela's uncle, Fedra's ex-husband, Natty's husband. Zorayda and Kristel's Father
Azela Robinson / Zoraida Gómez (Young) Fedra Curiel Ex. de Ruiz y de Teresa / Juana Felipa Pérez Fernández "La Reina" † Main female villain exotic and strip dancer in club named La Mala Noche, Emiliano's ex-wife, Lorenzo's lover, Jose Maria Sevilla love interest, Emanuel, Zorayda, Kristel and Axel's Mother, responsible for the murders of Carlota, Luis Felipe, Juez Pantoja and Eva, later dies in fire. killed by Lorenzo
Alexis Ayala Lorenzo Porta-Lopez † Main male villain Muñeca's husband, responsible for the murders of Fedra, Mauricio, Leon and Juez Pantoja; Cristian, Ilitia and Axel's father, Fedra's, Kristel's, Begonia's and other girls including Marianela/Victoria lover. Killed by police
Christina Masón Gretel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel de Rosales / Manolo de la Garza Montiel "Sirena de la Luna" Luis Felipe and Emiliano's yonger cousin, Paula and Maximo's daughter, Oliver's wife
Ricardo Margaleff Oliver Rosales (police) / Dra. Jelatina / Graciela Agustina "Chelatina" Lozano, Brandon's best friend, Gretel's husband, responsible for Lorenzo's murder, adoptive son of Netty.
Diego Amozurrutia Axel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel / Porta-Lopez Perez Delicia's husband, Juana Felipa and Lorenzo's son
Mariana Van Rankin Delicia Flores de Porta-Lopez Ruiz y de Teresa's servant, one of best Marianela's friends, Axel's wife
Altair Jarabo Ilitia Porta-López Rivero de Ruiz y de Teresa / de Moreno Emmanuel's ex-wife, Brandon's wife, Lorenzo and Camila's daughter
Armando Araiza Brandon Moreno Cervantes (police) Oliver's best friend, Marianela's bestfriend, responsible for the murder of Lorenzo, Ilitia's husband
Roberto Ballesteros Bernardo Izquierdo † Villain, Fedra's accomplice, Nereida's lover, responsible for the murders of Mama Dolores and Eva, in love with Fedra. commits suicide
Cecilia Gabriela Camila "Muñeca" Rivero de Porta-Lopez Lorenzo's ex-wife, Ilitia's mother.
Maria Elisa Camargo Kristel Ruiz y de Teresa Perez Luis Felipe, Eva and Gretel's niece, Mauricio Fonseca's ex-girlfriend, Marianela's cousin, Jorge's ex-wife, obsessed with Oliver, Juana Felipa and Emiliano's daughter, Ernestina's adopted mother, Maximo's grandniece.
Roberto Palazuelos Mauricio Fonseca Lombardi † Villain, Kristel's ex-boyfriend, raped Ilitia, in love with Victoria de la Garza Montiel. Killed by Lorenzo
Lorena Enríquez Doris Moreno Cervantes Marianela's best friend, Brandon sister, Gladiola's daughter, Andre Silva's girlfriend.
Ivonne Ley Nereida Pérez Bernardo's lover, Ruiz y de Teresa's servant, hates Delicia and Victoria, Fedra's accomplice, Kristel's personal assistant.
Alberto Agnesi André Silva Model, Emmanuel's friend who has AIDS, Jaquelina's ex-boyfriend, lot of girls' lover, Doris's boyfriend
Vanessa Arias Jacqueline Pereyra Model, Andre Silva's ex-girlfriend who has HIV, Emmanuel's ex-girlfriend
Eduardo Liñan León Garduño † Criminal, In Love "Muñeca" Rivero de Porta-Lopez, later killed by Lorenzo.
Manuela Ímaz Fabiola Fonseca Mauricio's cousin, Lorena's sister,in love with Axel
Michelle Renaud Lorena Fonseca Mauricio's cousin, hates Delicia, Kristel's bestfriend, Fabiola's sister, obsessed with Oliver,Fedra's ally, in love with Axel
Ricardo Franco Alfredo rapes Delicia, Fedra's ally, hates Axel
Lilí Goret Carolina Marianela's bestfriend
Aarón Hernán Máximo Ruiz y de Teresa Gretel's father, Emiliano and Luis Felipe's uncle, Marianela and Kristel's granduncle, Paula's husband
Tina Romero Paula Curiel de Ruiz y de Teresa Gretel's mother, Emiliano and Luis Felipe's stepmother, Maximo's wife, Ruiz y de Teresa's servant
Carlos Cobos Benigno Cruz best friend and servant of Maximo and Emmanuel.
Maricarmen Vela Carlota Ruiz y de Teresa † Maximo's sister, Emiliano and Luis Felipe's aunt dies of a heart attack caused by Fedra
Héctor Saéz Comisario Agustín Tejeda in love with "Netty"
Marcela Páez Consuelo a single mother in love with Brandon
Angelina Pelaez Mamá Dolores † killed by Bernardo
Patricia Martínez Gladiola Cervantes Vda. de Moreno Doris's and Brandon's mother, "Netty's" and "Muñeca's" best friend
Rebeca Mankita Mayela Santibañez Ilitia's mother, model agency mistress
Raul Magaña Luis Felipe Ruiz y de Teresa † Gretel's cousin, Emiliano's brother, Maximo's helpew, Carlota's helpew, Paula's stepmother, Marianela's father, Eva's husband killed by Fedra
Alejandro Felipe Javier Consuelo's Son
Rosita Pelayo Flora Porta Lopez Servant, Camila's good friend
Rafael Amador Fidel Mendoza Porta Lopez Servant, Emmanuel's and Benigno's best friend
Georgina Pedret Angela witch
Carlos Gascon Jorge Jauma from Spain, in love with Marianela, later in love and marries with Kristel
Roberto Blandón Ricardo
Luis Uribe / Marcelo Córdoba (Young) Captain José María Sevilla "Lirio de Plata" † Federa's lover when she was young, loves Netty. Biological father of Emmanuel. Killed by a corrupt policeman.
Otto Sirgo Juez Pantoja † killed by Fedra and Lorenzo
Martín Cuguru Lic. Eugenio Pacheco in love with "Netty"
Fernanda López Begonia Riquelme † Cristian's mother, killed by Lorenzo's friends
Lizetta Romo Almudena Rodríguez
Mariana Quiroz Manzanita Muñeca's adoptive daughter
Lucía Méndez Eva Pavón Romero Vda. de Ruiz y de Teresa † Ernestina Pavón's sister, Marianela's mother, Luis Felipe Ruiz y de Teresa wife, killed by Fedra and Bernardo
Gabriela Goldsmith Fedra de Curiel (Real) †
Oscar Traven Aristóteles Curiel †
Paula Encinas Zorayda Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel Fedra and Emiliano's biological daughter


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