Lloyd Center / Northeast 11th Avenue

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Lloyd Center/Northeast 11th Avenue
MAX light rail station
Lloyd Center MAX station.jpg
Lloyd Center MAX station, looking west.
Station statistics
Address NE Holladay Street & 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon
Line(s) MAX Light Rail
Platforms one island and one side platform
Tracks 2
Bicycle facilities bike lockers
Other information
Opened September 5, 1986
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Station code ?
Owned by TriMet
Fare zone none
Preceding station   TriMet logo simplified.svg MAX Light Rail   Following station
Blue Line
toward PSU South
Green Line
Red Line

The Lloyd Center/Northeast 11th Avenue station is a light rail station on the MAX Blue, Green and Red Lines in Portland, Oregon. It is the 10th stop eastbound on the Eastside MAX. The station is located on the 1200 block of Northeast Holladay Street in Lloyd District.

The station serves the Lloyd Center shopping mall to the north; between the station and the mall is Holladay Park. The station also serves Benson Polytechnic High School to the south.

From its opening in 1986[1] until 2012, the station was located in TriMet fare zone 1, and starting in 2001 it was also within Fareless Square (renamed the Free Rail Zone in 2010). However, effective September 1, 2012, TriMet discontinued the free-ride zone and all use of zones in its fare structure.[2]

Bus line connections[edit]

As of September 2012, this station is served by the following bus lines:

  • 8 - Jackson Park/NE 15th
  • 70 - 12th/NE 33rd Ave
  • C-Tran 157 - Lloyd District Express

Past Bus Routes[edit]

The following bus routes served this Max Station before rerouted or discontinued.

11th Avenue spur[edit]

To the northwest of the station is a short spur track on Northeast 11th Avenue now used only for temporary storage of MAX trains for use after major Rose Quarter events. The spur was built for use by the Portland Vintage Trolley, and from 1991 to 2009 that was its primary use. At the end of the spur, at the southern edge of Multnomah Street, is a small platform for use by Vintage Trolley (VT) cars, that service's Northeast 11th Avenue station, and it was equipped with a shelter. However, in September 2009, the Vintage Trolley service moved to a new route along the Portland Transit Mall, and with that change the faux-vintage cars only go to and from the NE 11th Avenue stop at the beginning and end of each VT operating day[3] (of which there were about 25 in 2010, but reduced to only seven in 2011)[4] and otherwise operate solely within downtown Portland. The Vintage Trolley is scheduled to run for the last time on July 6, 2014.[5]


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