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Location of Lluçanès in Catalonia
Banner in the main square of Prats de Lluçanès, in December of 2007.

Lluçanès (Catalan pronunciation: [ʎusəˈnɛs]) is a natural region transitioning between the Plain of Vic and Berguedà, in the pre-Pyrenees. Although not an officially recognized comarca of Catalonia, it has a strong historical, natural and social personality.

Corresponding Municipalities[edit]

It is made up of the following municipalities


Lluçanès is a plateau of about 400 km2, situated in the north-east of the depressió central of Catalonia

The major waterways of the comarca include the Ter and Llobregat rivers, into which the Riera de Merlès, Riera de Lluçanès and Gavarresa feed.

Lluçanès has a Mediterranean climate transitioning to continental. It has a median temperature of about 12 degrees Celsius, and receives an annual precipitation of between 600 and 900 liters.


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Coordinates: 42°01′39″N 2°00′16″E / 42.02750°N 2.00444°E / 42.02750; 2.00444