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Not to be confused with L0 (disambiguation) (L followed by zero).

Lo may refer to:


  • Lhoba people, also known as "Lo", tribespeople living in Southeastern Tibet

Given names[edit]

Lo can be used as a shortened form of a number of names, such as Laura, Lauren, Dolores, Olivia, Lucia, Lois, Lola, Loretta, Lorena or Loleriana:

  • Lo Bosworth (born 1986), an American television personality
  • Lo Boutwell, a professional football player, played in the National Football League during 1922 and 1923
  • Lo La Chapelle (1888–1966), a Dutch footballer, played club football for amateur side HVV Den Haag
  • Lo Spagna (died 1529), a painter of the High-Renaissance, active in central Italy
  • Lo Walker (born 1933), the Republican mayor of Bossier City in northwestern Louisiana
  • Lo-ruhamah, the first daughter of the prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer in the Book of Hosea (1:6–8)



  • Anna Lo, Northern Ireland politician
  • , Senegalese last name
  • Luo (surname) (羅/罗, 盧/卢 or 駱/骆), a Chinese surname often romanized as Lo
  • Shawty Lo (born Carlos Walker, 1976), African American rapper, founder of D4L Records, and member of hip hop group D4L


Science and technology[edit]

Entertainment and literature[edit]

  • Lo (film), a 2009 independent film
  • Law & Order (franchise), a number of related American television series created by Dick Wolf
  • Lo Recordings A London based record company established in 1995
  • Lost Odyssey, an RPG developed by Mistwalker exclusively for the Xbox 360
  • Lo Bosworth, American television personality and author
  • Left only, the left channel of the stereo Left only/Right only downmix
  • Lo!, the third published nonfiction work of the author Charles Fort