Lobet den Herrn, alle seine Heerscharen, BWV Anh 5

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Lobet den Herrn, alle seine Heerscharen (Praise ye the Lord, all ye of his great armies), BWV Anh 5, is a cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is one of two cantatas which he composed for the twenty-fourth birthday of Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen on 10 December 1718.[1] The music of the work is lost.[2]

The librettist of the cantata was Christian Friedrich Hunold (Menantes). Although as a congratulatory work Lobet den Herrn, alle seine Heerschare is classed as a secular cantata rather than a church cantata, it appears to have been intended for performance in connection with a religious service (bey gehaltenem Gottes-Dienste). The librettist used text from Psalm 119.[2]


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