Local Fields (book)

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Local Fields
Author Jean-Pierre Serre
Original title Corps Locaux
Country France
Language French (original)
English (translation)
Genre Algebraic Number Theory
Publisher Springer
Publication date
Media type Book
Pages 241
ISBN 978-0-387-90424-5
OCLC 4933106

Local Fields, or Corps Locaux as originally published in the French, is a seminal graduate-level algebraic number theory textbook by Jean-Pierre Serre covering local fields, ramification, group cohomology, and local class field theory. The book's end goal is to present local class field theory from the cohomological point of view. This theory concerns extensions of "local" (i.e., complete for a discrete valuation) fields with finite residue field.[dubious ]


  1. Part I, Local Fields (Basic Facts): Discrete valuation rings, Dedekind domains, and Completion.
  2. Part II, Ramification: Discriminant & Different, Ramification Groups, The Norm, and Artin Representation.
  3. Part III, Group Cohomology: Abelian & Nonabelian Cohomology, Cohomology of Finite Groups, Theorems of Tate and Nakayama, Galois Cohomology, Class Formations, and Computation of Cup Products.
  4. Part IV, Local Class Field Theory: Brauer Group of a Local Field, Local Class Field Theory, Local Symbols and Existence Theorem, and Ramification.