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Map of Local Government Areas in New South Wales
Types and titles of LGAs in New South Wales
LGA Regions in New South Wales
Local government areas in Sydney

The local government areas of New South Wales, Australia have been subject to periodic bouts of restructuring and rationalisation by the State Government, involving voluntary and involuntary amalgamation of areas. The state government currently classifies local governments into two categories: Cities and Areas, there being little significant difference between the two (a City is simply an Area receiving a proclamation of city status by the Governor). Areas often retain the designations they held under pre-reform legislation, though these titles no longer indicate a legal status. These are:

  1. Municipalities (predominantly inner-city suburban areas and smaller rural towns)
  2. Shires (predominantly rural or outer suburban areas).

Some areas designated since the 1993 Local Government Act have adopted the title "Region", usually large rural areas dominated by a rural city. Many councils now choose not to use any area title, and simply refer to themselves as councils, e.g. Palerang Council, Burwood Council. The smallest local government area by area in the state is the Municipality of Hunter's Hill.

As of November 2005 there are 152 local government areas in New South Wales. These are listed below in alphabetical order. In addition, there is also the Unincorporated Far West Region which is not part of any local government area, in the sparsely inhabited Far West, and Lord Howe Island, which is also unincorporated but self-governed by the Lord Howe Island Board.


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