Localities of Póvoa de Varzim

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Senhora da Saúde at the foot of São Félix Hill.
Calves in the outskirts of Póvoa de Varzim.
São Pedro de Rates, a former township.
Cadilhe in the city's outskirts.

Around the city of Póvoa de Varzim in Portugal there is a large number of dependent settlements or hamlets dispersed in the civil parishes. These parishes have dispersed settlement, with small clusters that are called Lugares (literally, Places) or Localidades (localities) in Portugal, these hamlets are also known as villages (aldeias) and most of the municipal territory and beyond is actually continuous, in urban terms, with the city in the highways that link it to neighbouring cities such as Barcelos, Famalicão or Esposende, the same occurs to the South, and several of these hamlets are suburbs with a number of separate farmsteads scattered throughout the area.


Póvoa de Varzim suburbs were differentiated into two: Arrabaldes (outskirts) and aldeias (villages). The Arrabaldes were located just off the town core and by the main streets, and were part of the urban area, including places such as the Old Town of Póvoa de Varzim (Vila Velha), Regufe, or Giesteira. The aldeias were located farther apart. In 1758, the lieutenant of Póvoa fortress, Veiga Leal, tell them apart using small gunshots: if closer, it was an Arrabalde, if away an Aldeia. Although the inhabitants of more distant suburbs would not go to the town center to work, they depended on it as their service center and marketplace, to buy and sell their goods. The town also depended on its periphery for workers, food, water and raw materials.[1]

Already in the 16th century and especially in the 17th some new suburbs started to appear. In 1736, four outskirts were named: Vila Velha, Giesteira, Casal do Monte, and Regufe. In 1758, the number increased to 7, with Gandra, Coelheiro, and Moninhas. In 1763, there were 10 and in 1832, 12. Although this list may be inaccurate, as several other outskirts were known to exist at the time.[1]


As of 2011 Census, Póvoa de Varzim includes 99 localities, including the city and a large number of hamlets, several of which are city outskirts, part of the suburban sprawl, small villages also remain.

Locality Population
(2011 census)
Póvoa de Varzim 40053 A Ver-o-Mar, Amorim, Argivai, Beiriz, P.Varzim
(scattered population) 22 A Ver-o-Mar
Aldeia 690 Aguçadoura
Areosa 619 Aguçadoura
Caturela 393 Aguçadoura
Codixeira 1487 Aguçadoura
Granjeiro 260 Aguçadoura
Santo André de Baixo 520 Aguçadoura
Santo André de Cima 266 Aguçadoura
(scattered population) 22 Aguçadoura
Agra 296 Amorim
Aldeia Nova 77 Amorim
Amorim de Cima 326 Amorim
Cadilhe 429 Amorim
Mandim 235 Amorim
Mourilhe 64 Amorim
Pedroso 153 Amorim
Sistelos 73 Amorim
Torrinha 147 Amorim
Travassos 392 Amorim
Aldeia 76 Amorim
Fontainhas 30 Amorim
Cardosas 289 Amorim
Esqueirinhas 29 Amorim
Calves 119 Argivai, Beiriz
Além 119 Balasar
Calvário 115 Balasar
Caminho Largo 97 Balasar
Casal 347 Balasar
Cruz 150 Balasar
Fontainhas 641 Balasar
Gandra 219 Balasar
Gestrins 296 Balasar
Lousadelo 44 Balasar
Quinta 49 Balasar
Vela 139 Balasar
Vila Pouca 121 Balasar
Covilhã 28 Balasar
Telo 102 Balasar
Outeiro 66 Balasar
(scattered population) 10 Balasar
Beiriz de Baixo 126 Beiriz
Cutéres 103 Beiriz
Fraião 191 Beiriz
Mau Verde 45 Beiriz
Outeiro 126 Beiriz
Paredes 243 Beiriz
Pedreira 652 Beiriz
Penela 433 Beiriz
Quintã 369 Beiriz
Xisto 129 Beiriz
Igreja 111 Beiriz
Silvas 325 Beiriz
Fonte Nova 62 Beiriz
Barros 180 Estela
Carrascos 33 Estela
Carregosa 168 Estela
Contriz 144 Estela
Estrada 65 Estela
Igreja 100 Estela
Outeiro 113 Estela
Pedrinha 235 Estela
Teso 569 Estela
Urzes 277 Estela
Frinjo 126 Estela
Baldoia 23 Estela
(scattered population) 18 Estela
Águas Férreas 123 Laundos
Igreja 47 Laundos
Laúndos 264 Laundos
Machuqueiras 266 Laundos
Outeiro 162 Laundos
Pé do Monte 323 Laundos
Rapijães 280 Laundos
Real 93 Laundos
Recreio 208 Laundos
Senhora da Saúde 244 Laundos
(scattered population) 45 Laundos
Agra de Bouças 86 Navais
Burgada 141 Navais
Cabreira 61 Navais
Crasto 15 Navais
Espadelos 192 Navais
Espinhal 207 Navais
Navais 47 Navais
Outeiro 276 Navais
Prelades 268 Navais
Sonhim 186 Navais
São Pedro de Rates 2465 Rates
(scattered population) 40 Rates
Boavista 154 Terroso
Carregal 64 Terroso
Ordem 97 Terroso
Paranho 73 Terroso
Pé do Monte 309 Terroso
Póvoas 194 Terroso
Santo António 250 Terroso
São Lourenço 101 Terroso
São Salvador 131 Terroso
Sejães 349 Terroso
Vilar 163 Terroso
Passô 425 Terroso
Chamosinhos 109 Terroso
Pincelos 100 Terroso
(scattered population) 9 Terroso


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