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Not to be confused with Locution (disambiguation).

Location or locating may refer to:

In geography:

In mathematics:

  • Location parameter, a parameter of a probability distribution indicating the distribution's central tendency


  • Filming location, a place where some or all of a film or television series is produced
  • On location, in the production of a film or video program, meaning that the film footage is "shot" at an authentic place rather than inside of a studio
  • "Location, location, location," an expression in the business of real estate, referring to the most important characteristic of the land or building which is being bought or sold
  • Location, Location, Location, a British reality television series
  • Location (sign language), the location of the hands when signing
  • HTTP location, the HTTP header
  • Real-time locating, in radio frequency identification
  • Location (EP), an EP by The Grand Opening

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