Loch Eck

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Loch Eck
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A view of the loch, looking south
Location Argyll and Bute, Scotland
Coordinates 56°06′N 5°00′W / 56.100°N 5.000°W / 56.100; -5.000Coordinates: 56°06′N 5°00′W / 56.100°N 5.000°W / 56.100; -5.000
Type loch
Primary inflows The Cur
Primary outflows The Eachaig
Basin countries United Kingdom
Surface area 4,259,000 sq. metres
Water volume 3,059,000 cubic metres
Surface elevation 24 metres

National grid reference NS14158694

Loch Eck (Gaelic: Loch Eich) is a loch located on the Cowal peninsula, north of Dunoon, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It is seven miles long. Apart from Loch Lomond, it is the only naturally occurring habitat of the powan.[1]

The loch is also an impounding reservoir with a concrete dam measuring 0.870 metres high. The dam was completed in 1973.

In July 2013, two dogs died due to algal bloom present in the loch. Warnings were then posted advising that people and animals should avoid contact with the water.[2][3]

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