Lockdown (The 4400)

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The 4400 episode
The 4400 - 2x11 - Lockdown.jpg
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 11
Directed by Douglas Petrie
Written by Douglas Petrie
Original air date August 14, 2005
Guest actors

Leanne Adachi - T.J. Kim
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Roger Cross - Major Culp
Garret Dillahunt - Matthew Ross
Kaj-Erik Eriksen - Danny Farrell
Daniella Evangelista - Karen
Richard Kahan - Marco Pacella
Hiro Kanagawa - Agent Park
Tony Parsons - Paul Beckman
Kavan Smith - Jed Garrity
Tom Verica - Dr. Max Hudson
Sean Devine - P.J.
Graeme Duffy - Brady Wingate
Erica Cerra - Molly Caldicott
Rob Lee - Roger Wolcott
Valerie Sing Turner - Eden Standish

Episode chronology
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"The Fifth Page"

"Lockdown" is an episode of the science fiction television series The 4400.


A 4400 launches a terrorist attack against NTAC, and all the males get extremely agitated.


Maia and Diana are in a room somewhere with the door blockaded and someone or something is banging against the door attempting to get in. Maia tells her mother that she is scared, and Diana tries to comfort her. Diana holds her gun up towards the door as it is broken down and the surrounding blockade falls over. Tom comes in looking agitated and angry and holds his gun at Diana, while Diana holds hers toward him as well.

The episode goes back ten hours.

Ten hours earlier Tom has a coffee and goes to his laptop computer to check if he has new email. He receives one stating it is Jordan Collier’s birthday today and when he clicks on it his computer screen goes black with red text stating “HE DIED ON NTAC’S WATCH”. Kyle comes into the room and his father attempts to hide the “crap” he has received, although Kyle lifts the laptop screen up and looks.

Kyle talks to his father about the man who has been arrested for the murder of Jordan Collier and how it is possible he could receive the death penalty.

Diana wakes Maia up. Maia tells her that she does not feel very well. Diana remarks that she has a fever and notices she has a rash on her arm. Shawn is interviewed about his own ability and how other people can unlock their abilities.

Diana takes Maia to have a check-up for her fever. Dr. Hudson believes it is probably the flu and asks if it is OK for Maia to stay there for a few hours. Lily goes home to Richard and tells him how Shawn healed a woman. Richard tells her that Isabelle “talked” to him today, and Lily tells Richard that Isabelle has not spoken to her for several weeks.

Tom asks if anyone else received the Jordan Collier email this morning and if they know the source of it. He finds out that everyone at NTAC received it and that it was sent from a public Internet café. Diana asks Tom to cover her for an hour so she can go see Maia.

Kyle talks to his cousin Danny and lies to him about the incident during his blackouts. Danny tells him that if he ever blacks out to come and see him or Shawn, as they can help handle it.

At NTAC Medical, a man and several women await their appointment when a loud noise begins circulating. All the males can hear it, and it begins makes them agitated, but none of the females can hear anything.

Tom receives another email with a message “A GIFT FROM ME TO YOU” which disappears and a second message appears that says “HAVE FUN TRYING TO SURVIVE THE DAY”. Outside his office, all the men begin shouting and getting angry. Nina talks to Tom, who tells her he received another email. Nina tells the rioting men that if the noise or signal did something to them then they have to fight it; she raises her voice when she's ignored and suddenly a man draws his gun from his holster and shoots Nina.

Tom enables NTAC's security system, placing the facility in lockdown.

Lily comes to the 4400 Center nursery to pick Isabelle up. When she picks up Isabelle’s flash cards, she notices some odd cards. The woman looking after Isabelle tells her that they're used for psychic evaluations and that they must have gotten mixed in. Lily leaves with a suspicious look on her face.

Shawn and Matthew Ross watch Shawn’s interview on the television and watch the response to his interview from Kevin Burkhoff, who questions how fasting, meditation, and chanting can alter the body's neurochemistry. He calls it “preposterous...a good scam but still preposterous.” Tom removes all guns from the NTAC staff. When army officers enter the room, the commanding officer states they are in charge and that they will find the cause.

Nina talks to Dr. Hudson. Maia begins to get worse and Hudson notices she has a large rash on her hand. Diana is denied access to NTAC and rings Marco to try to find a way in.

Tom knocks out the man guarding the now-cuffed men and goes down to the med lab. Diana helps blockade the room they are in. Hudson gives Diana permission to “blow his head off” should he run out of medication to keep himself calm.

Marco attempts to find a way to counter the noise while two men try to break into the med lab. Tom shoots one of them and tackles the other man. Shawn attempts to recruit Kevin Burkhoff to try to recreate the technology that gave the 4400 their abilities.

The episode returns to the present.

Tom refuses to put his gun down saying she will shoot him if he does. Hudson tackles Tom, knocking him over. Tom holds Hudson by his neck and Diana knocks him out. Diana tells Hudson not to move or she will pull the trigger.

A loud noise emanates through the building. Nina asks what is it, and Diana replies that it is Marco, earning his pay check. All of the men who where agitated begin to calm.

Richard and Lily bring Isabelle to the 4400 Center nursery and talk about house hunting. Nina puts Tom in charge of NTAC until she is better; Diana brings Tom the statistics of deaths and injuries.

Tom finds out that one of the three 4400s who were present has disappeared, and that the 4400 has left a fortified government building that's under lockdown without breaking a sweat. The missing 4400 is seen walking down a street sending an email on a PDA: “PAYBACK IS A BITCH”.

Kevin Burkhoff comes to the 4400 Center to see Shawn. The receptionist tells him that Shawn is busy, so he leaves a message: “I want to get started immediately”. Lily brings Shawn the next person to be healed, but he cannot successfully heal her, and he begins feeling dizzy. When he pulls up his sleeve he has a rash like Maia’s.


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