Lockport Cave

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Lockport Cave
Location Lockport, NY
Discovery 19th century
Geology Lockport Dolomite
Entrances 1 (confirmed)
List of
Culvert entrance, Ravine entrance, Waterfall entrance
Hazards sewer may merge with cave

The Lockport Cave is a man made cave beneath the city of Lockport, New York. Historical and recent accounts of attempted exploration exist. All of the recent explorations have been attempted from the Eighteen Mile Creek culvert.

The true size of the cave remains a mystery, though it is speculated to have an area of several square miles.

The Lockport Cave Company was formed in 1883 to explore and remove mud from the cave, however little progress was made because of inadequate funding.

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Coordinates: 43°10′15″N 78°41′34″W / 43.170714°N 78.692684°W / 43.170714; -78.692684