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A Locust is any one of various types of swarming grasshopper. Locust can refer to:

In biology[edit]

In insects[edit]

  • Cicadas, often referred to as "locusts"
  • Magicicada, a genus of cicadas often referred to as "13-year or 17-year locusts"

In plants[edit]

In media and entertainment[edit]

In film[edit]

In games and fictional universes[edit]

  • Locust (comics), a minor Marvel Comics villain
  • Locust Horde, the main enemy force in the third-person shooter video game series Gears of War
  • Locust, a light BattleMech in the fictional BattleTech universe
  • Locust, a Fairy chess piece which captures by hopping over its victim (as in checkers)

In literature[edit]

In music[edit]

Artists and labels

In people[edit]

In places[edit]

In transportation[edit]

In other uses[edit]

  • Locust (finance), a term used in discussions critical of capitalism in Germany

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