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Lodi (pronounced LOW-dee or LOW-die) may refer to:


In Canada:

In Italy:

In the United States:


Other uses[edit]

  • Lodi (apple), a variety of apple
  • Lodi (ship), a type of Estonian barge or sailing ship
  • Lodi (wrestler), in-ring name of professional wrestler Brad Cain
  • Lodi, another name for the annual Lohri festival in Northern India
  • Lodi dynasty, a Ghilzai Afghan dynasty from 1451 to 1526
  • Lodi Gardens, a park in New Delhi, India
  • Lodi Road, a street in New Delhi, India
  • Lodi (Pashtun), a Batani Pashtun (Ghilzai) tribe mainly found in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Lodhi, an agricultural caste in India

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