Logic Programming Associates

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Logic Programming Associates Ltd
Type Private
Industry Computer software
Founded London 1981
Headquarters London SW18 3SX
Area served UK, USA, EMEA
Products VisiRule, Flex Expert System, LPA Prolog for Windows
Website www.lpa.co.uk

Logic Programming Associates is a company specializing in logic and artificial intelligence software. It was founded in 1980 and is most widely known for its Prolog compilers such as WIN-PROLOG.

LPA was established to exploit research at Imperial College, London into logic programming carried out under the supervision of Prof Robert Kowalski. One of the first implementations made available by LPA was micro-PROLOG[1] which ran on popular 8-bit home computers such as the Sinclair Spectrum[2] and Apple II. This was followed by micro-PROLOG Professional one of the first Prolog implementations for MS-DOS.

In 1989, LPA developed the Flex expert system toolkit, which incorporated frame-based reasoning with inheritance, rule-based programming and data-driven procedures. Flex included its own English-like Knowledge Specification Language (KSL) for defining knowledge and rules.

In 1992, LPA helped set up the Prolog Vendors Group,[3] a not-for-profit organization whose aim was to help promote Prolog by making people aware of its usage in industry.

In 2000, LPA helped set up Business Integrity, a software company specializing in artificial intelligence software and Windows-based Prolog compilers. Business Integrity is now a supplier of document assembly solutions primarily to the legal market.

LPA's core product is LPA Prolog for Windows,[4] a compiler and development system for the Microsoft Windows platform. The current LPA software range comprises an integrated AI toolset which covers various aspects of Artificial Intelligence including Logic Programming, Expert Systems, Knowledge-based Systems, Data Mining, Agents and Case-based reasoning etc.

A recent addition to this range is VisiRule,[5] a graphical tool for developing knowledge-based and decision support systems.

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