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Logitech Unifying receiver

The Logitech Unifying receiver is a miniaturised dedicated USB wireless receiver which permits up to 6 devices such as mice and keyboards, which must be made by Logitech and of compatible design, to be linked to the same computer using 2.4 GHz band radio communication in a way very similar to, but incompatible with, Bluetooth.[1] It is not practical to fit receivers in several computers to allow the same input devices to be used (e.g., with a desktop and a laptop computer), as the devices need to be paired with the receiver each time, although the receiver and input devices can be moved together from one computer to another.[1]

Receivers are supplied with Logitech input devices, and are also available separately.[2]

A restriction on some Unifying devices limits them to a maximum of forty-five unique receiver pairings. Once the forty-fifth connection is made, it would no longer be possible to connect such a device to a different receiver. For users who often switch an Unifying device between multiple PCs or laptops with individual receivers, this connection limit will be reached.[3]

Driver software is available for Windows and Mac OS X from Logitech. Wireless devices using the Unifying Receiver are supported since Linux 3.2. [4] Software to manage Unifying devices on Linux is available from third party developers, for example, Solaar.

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