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Lohmod (also known as Lohia) is one of the many powerful clans of the Gurjars. They are branch of Gurjar Parmars. They were once a ruling clan.


Lohmod is a Gujari/Hindi word, where "Loh" stands for Iron and "Mod" for Bending. They started using this surname from the day when their ancestor King Jagdev Panwar bended the iron rod of Sanwa Mann (60 kg) in Pushkar. Pushkar had been under sway of Gurjars and is still a Gurjar pilgrimage.


The main temples of Lohia's [(Lohmods) or in which they believe are: Satti Mata in Ayya Nagar Village Shitla Mata in Gurgoan Baba Magaldas in Ayya Nagar Village.(Temple is in the Main Village Ayya Nagar)