Loi Pangnao

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Loi Pangnao
Loi Pangnao is located in Burma
Loi Pangnao
Loi Pangnao
Location in Burma
Elevation 2,563 m (8,409 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,596 m (5,236 ft)[1]
Listing List of Ultras of Southeast Asia
Location Shan State, Myanmar
Range Daen Lao Range
Coordinates 21°18′12″N 100°18′48″E / 21.30333°N 100.31333°E / 21.30333; 100.31333Coordinates: 21°18′12″N 100°18′48″E / 21.30333°N 100.31333°E / 21.30333; 100.31333[1]
First ascent unknown
Easiest route climb

Loi Pangnao is the highest mountain of the Daen Lao Range (Loi La range), a subrange of the Shan Hills. It is located near Mong Yawng in Shan State, Burma close to the border with China.

With a height of 2,563 m and a prominence of 1,596 m, Loi Pangnao is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.[2]

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