Loiq Sher-Ali

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Loiq Sher-Ali, لائق شیرعلی
Лоиқ Шералӣ
Loiq Sher-Ali.jpg
Personal details
Born 20 May 1941
In the Village Mazar-e Sharif, of Panjakent,  Tajikistan
Died 30 June 2000
In Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Nationality Tajik Flag of Tajikistan.svg
Profession Poet

Loiq Sher-Ali (born 1941 in Tajiki/Persian: Лоиқ Шералӣ/لائق شیرعلی) was a Tajik poet, Iranologist and one of the most celebrated Persian literary figures of Tajikistan and central Asia.

Loiq Sher-Ali had expertise in classical Persian poetry. The influence of Firdowsi, Khayyam and Molana Jalaleddin-e Balkhi is evident in Shir-Ali's works. He also translated several literary master pieces into Persian.

He was the head of Tajik-Persian Language International Foundation in Middle Asia and he was called as Shah-Poet of Tajikistan. A chosen collection of his works is published in Iran, 1994. Another collection, "Rakh's Spirit" is published in Iran, 1999, by Mirzo Shakurzoda.

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