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Location of Lokhvytsia
Coordinates: 50°21.58524′N 33°16.33596′E / 50.35975400°N 33.27226600°E / 50.35975400; 33.27226600Coordinates: 50°21.58524′N 33°16.33596′E / 50.35975400°N 33.27226600°E / 50.35975400; 33.27226600
Country Ukraine
Oblast Poltava
Founded 1571
 • Total 14.92 km2 (5.76 sq mi)
Elevation 105 m (344 ft)
Population (December 5, 2001)
 • Total 12,389

Lokhvytsia (Ukrainian: Ло́хвиця, Lokhvytsya; Russian: Ло́хвица, Lokhvitsa) is a city in the Poltava Oblast (province) of central Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Lokhvytskyi Raion (district), and is located on the banks of Lokhvytsia River.

The current estimated population is around 21,400 (as of 2001).

Church of the Annunciation


The name of the river Lokhvytsia, as well as the town, comes from the Old Slavonic word lokhve which means "salmon".

At the time of Kievan Rus the territory where the town is located was part of Pereyaslav Principality. The precise date of the foundation is unknown. From written records, it can be determined that Lokhvytsia existed prior to 1320.

In 1644, Magdeburg rights were granted to the town so that all town issues were to be resolved by a city council, elected by the wealthy citizens. In 1648-1658, Lokhvytsia was a Sotnia town of the Myrhorod Cossack Regiment, later (1658-І781 р.р.) of the Lubny Cossack Regiment.

The Hlynsko-Rozbyshiv (Lokhvytsia and Hadyach districts) oil and gas deposits provide large volumes of oil and gas sufficient for the entire Poltava Oblast and beyond. Poltava oil is of high-quality: it contains up to 55 per cent of light oil and is quite low in sulphur. The natural gas consists of almost 70% of propane-butane fractions, which make it a valuable raw material for the chemical industry, such as the production of synthetic fibres and plastics.