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Lombard Street Research (LSR) is a macroeconomic forecasting consultancy located in London (England). LSR concentrates on providing information to the corporate/financial services segment of the research market. LSR also hosts a series of seminars. The chief economist and chairman is Charles Dumas.

LSR was founded in 1989 by Tim Congdon.

In 2012 the consultancy published a report about a possible return of the Netherlands from the Euro to the Dutch guilder. The report was commissioned by the Dutch party Party for Freedom. The conclusion was that the Netherlands would save money by returning to the Guilder. The Dutch parliament requested a second opinion to the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis which is a Dutch government organization. The Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis criticized the methodology of the LSR report. More specifically, it criticized among others the attribution by LSR of economic differences between countries to the Euro, while neglecting other causes.[1][2]


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