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London–Edinburgh–London (LEL) is a randonnée bicycle event of approximately 1,400 kilometres (870 mi) held in the UK on an out-and-back course between the capital cities of London (England) and Edinburgh (Scotland).

LEL is the flagship event of Audax UK. It is held every four years, two years after Paris–Brest–Paris. It is part of the brevet series and is a noncompetitive endurance bicycle event.

The first LEL was in 1989, when there were 29 starters and 26 finishers, all British. For that inaugural ride, the distance was 1,300 km (810 mi), and the route included a stretch of the A68 road. Finishers of that original event are sometimes referred to as the A68 Club. The inaugural ride did not start in London, but in Doncaster, the home town of the organiser. Riders headed first north to Edinburgh and back, then south to London and back.

For the fifth edition in 2005, there were 306 starters and 246 finishers, from the UK, mainland Europe, and other countries including Japan, Russia, Australia, the USA, and Canada. Riders set out from Cheshunt, on the northern outskirts of London, or from Thorne, close to the original Doncaster start.

31 nations took part in the 2009 ride, which started and ended at Cheshunt.

The 2013 edition was held between July 28 and 2 August. In a departure from previous editions, the route takes a loop through Scotland, and for the first time passes over the Humber Bridge. The next edition will be in 2017.

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