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First Centrewest bus LLW19 (ODZ 8919) 1994 Dennis Lance SLF Wrightbus Pathfinder, Hounslow bus station, route 222, September 1998.jpg
Operator London United
Garage Hounslow (HV)
Vehicle Alexander Dennis Enviro400
Start Hounslow bus station
Via Harlington Corner
Heathrow North
West Drayton
End Uxbridge station
Length 11 miles (18 km)
Level Daily

London Buses route 222 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Hounslow bus station and Uxbridge station, it is operated by London United.


Route 222 commenced on 16 January 1971, although the route dates back much longer, being withdrawn for a period between March 1961 and January 1971. Route 222 has always followed the same route between Hounslow bus station and Uxbridge station, being run from the route's terminus at Uxbridge garage for many years until First London lost the contract to run the route and from 16 September 2000 it was transferred to London United's Hounslow garage.[1]

Route 222 was one of five routes selected by London Transport for evaluation of the first low-floor buses, capable of carrying wheelchairs, from March 1994 (the others were 101, 120, 144 and 186).[2] All 68 buses ordered (12 destined for route 222) were fitted with Wright Pathfinder bodies, but the chassis were divided between Dennis and Scania, with route 222 being one of the routes to receive Dennis Lance SLFs.[2]

Although the trial proved successful, with the entire London Bus Network now being low floor, the vast majority of subsequent low-floor single-deck buses in London have been Dennis Darts.[1]

Upon being re-tendered, route 222 was retained by London United with new contracts commencing on 17 September 2005 and 15 September 2012, with the route being upgraded to double deck operation with Alexander Dennis Enviro400s on the latter occasion.[1][3]

Current route[edit]


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