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Arriva London bus DW262 (LJ59 GUA), 18 September 2010.jpg
Arriva London Wright Gemini 2 bodied
VDL DB300 in September 2010
Operator Arriva London
Garage Clapton (CT)
Vehicle VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2
Volvo B7TL 10.1m / Wright Eclipse Gemini
Night-time 24-hour service
Start Homerton University Hospital
Via Hackney
End Tottenham Court Road station
Length 8 miles (13 km)
Level Daily
Journey time 24-hour service

London Buses route 242 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Homerton University Hospital and Tottenham Court Road station, it is operated by Arriva London. It was the first London route to be operated by low floor double deck buses.


Alexander ALX400 bodied DAF DB250 in April 2007

Route 242 commenced operating on 28 February 1998 between between Homerton University Hospital and Tottenham Court Road station as a replacement for routes 22A and 22B. It was the first London route to be converted for operation by low floor double deckers. This was largely down to the fact that, while most operators had ordered Dennis or Volvo products, Arriva London has gone for the DAF, and in the event DAF was the first to have production chassis available.[1]

At one time the route 22 had covered this ground between the West End and Clapton Park. Later the 22 spawned a 22A variant running to London Bridge and running further into Clapton Park, while the Piccadilly Circus to Clapton Park section of the 22 became the 22B. Later the 22B was diverted away from Piccadilly Circus to Tottenham Court Road station.[2][3]

Latterly the 22A and 22B were operated by Kentish Bus. Initially Kentish Bus had worked from a depot in Temple Mills, but later moved to the large Ash Grove/Cambridge Heath garage last used by East Thames Buses, which is now empty. But Kentish Bus became part of Arriva, most of its north east London work was lost, and the remainder was transferred to Arriva London. Moreover, the wheel has come full circle, with the 22A withdrawn, the 22B renumbered 242 and extended to replace the final bit of the 22A in Clapton Park.[2][3]

Upon being re-tendered, route 242 was retained by Arriva London with a new contract commencing on 1 February 2003, that saw it become a 24-hour service with the introduction of route N242, this was renumbered 242 in April 2004.[1] Arriva London successfully tendered to retain the route, with a new contract commencing on 27 February 2010.[4]

Current route[edit]


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