London Buses route 80

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Operator London General
Garage Sutton (A)
Start Belmont Prisons
Via Sutton
End Hackbridge
Length 9 miles (14 km)
Level Daily

London Buses route 80 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Belmont Prisons and Hackbridge, it is operated by London General.


At the time of the formation of the London Passenger Transport Board in 1933, route 80 was an established service operating between Kingswood and Morden station via Burgh Heath, Bemont, Sutton and St Helier.

On 29 November 1939, it was withdrawn between St Helier and Morden, and diverted to Tooting. From 22 March 1969, it was diverted at Sutton from Tooting to Morden.

From 24 April 1982, the route was withdrawn between Kingswood and Belmont. On 23 April 1983, it was extended from Morden to Putney Bridge station. From 26 November 1988, route 80 was withdrawn at its northern end between Morden and Putney Bridge, but extended from Belmont to Banstead at the southern end.

Upon being put up for tender, the route was retained by London General's Sutton garage from 30 November 1996. On the same date it was withdrawn between Banstead and Belmont Prisons, being replaced by route S1, and extended from Morden to Hackbridge via St Helier.

London General successfully tendered to retain the route with new contracts commencing on 1 December 2001 and 6 December 2008.[1]

Current route[edit]


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