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London Bus route H32.jpg
Operator London United
Garage Hounslow (AV)
Vehicle Scania OmniCity 10.8m
Peak vehicle requirement 12
Start Hounslow bus station
Via Hounslow West
End Southall
Length 6 miles (9.7 km)
Level Daily
Frequency 10-15 minutes
Journey time 23-57 minutes
Operates 04:21 until 01:32

London Buses route H32 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Hounslow bus station and Southall, it is operated by London United.


Route H32 commenced operating on 24 April 1993 between Hounslow bus station and Southall, replacing a section of the withdrawn route 232.

Route 232 began on 12 October 1955, running from Hounslow garage to Greenford, as a replacement for the withdrawn section of route 111 between Hounslow and Heston. On 8 May 1963, the route was extended to Northwood station, and Mount Vernon Hospital on Sunday afternoon and evenings, to replace the withdrawn route 225. By 19 February 1968, the route has been extended to run to Mount Vernon Hospital at all times, although this was reduced to weekday peaks on the introduction of route 282 on 30 November 1968.

Route 232 was withdrawn on 30 November 1974, and route 232A (running between Hounslow and Northolt, but serving Convent Way Estate in Heston instead) which used Daimler Fleetlines had an increase in service to replace it. Route 232A was renumbered 232 on 31 March 1979, and MCW Metrobuses introduced in September. Route 232 was withdrawn, again, on 24 April 1993, this time replaced by a new route H32 between Hounslow and Southall, and an extension to route 120 from Southall to Northolt.

Upon being re-tendered, the route was retained by London United with a new contract commencing on March 2004.[1] London United successfully tendered to retain the route, with a new contract commencing on 7 March 2009, route H32 with new Scania OmniCitys introduced.[2]

Current route[edit]


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