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London Film Academy
London Film Academy Logo.jpg
Established 2001
Location London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 51°28′55″N 0°11′54″W / 51.4819°N 0.1983°W / 51.4819; -0.1983

The London Film Academy (LFA) is a UK film school situated in Fulham, London. Founded in 2001 as a non-profit making trust, the LFA provides practical courses on a variety of film-making skills.[1][2][3] The school's joint principals are Anna MacDonald and Daisy Gili.[3]


Based within a converted Methodist Church on Walham Grove, the London Film Academy was founded in 2001. The stated ethos was to produce practical film courses that focused on the art of celluloid filmmaking, with lecturers that were active within the film industry.[1][3][2]

In January 2006 the LFA formed a partnership with Club Panico. Panico was created in the mid eighties and has patrons that include Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Sir Ben Kingsley. Together with the LFA, Panico now serves as a stepping stone to industry for graduate and post graduate students.

The LFA holds its annual graduation show at the BFI Southbank. The school's annual awards for 2013 were presented by Alice Lowe and Nic Roeg.[3] Daisy Gili and Anna MacDonald co-founded the Academy and have served as joint principals of the LFA for ten years, and remain so as at 2013.[3]


The London Film Academy was reviewed by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) in November 2012. The result was a positive affirmation of LFA standards.[4] The LFA's Writer-Diploma Course is Creative Skillset Approved.[5]


Amongst the academy's tutors are cinematographer Phil Meheux; directors Laurence Moody, Mamoun Hassan, and Stuart Urban; novelist and screen writer Jeremy Sheldon; and filmmakers Asif Kapadia and Richard Kwietniowski.


The academy's partners include Apple, Arri, Cannes Film Festival, Goldsmiths, University of London, Kodak, New Horizons Film Festival, Riverside Studios, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc., and Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge Campus)

Courses of study[edit]

The college provides a variety of film-making courses, taught either in London or in the Algarve, Portugal (in association with the Algarve Film Commission).[6]


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