Londonderry Island

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Londonderry Island
Native name: Isla Londonderry
Magallanes Region
Coordinates 55°04′00″S 69°26′00″W / 55.066667°S 69.433333°W / -55.066667; -69.433333Coordinates: 55°04′00″S 69°26′00″W / 55.066667°S 69.433333°W / -55.066667; -69.433333
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 643 km2 (248 sq mi)[1]
Highest point 1,548m[1]
Region Magallanes
Province Antártica Chilena
Commune Cabo de Hornos, Chile
Additional information
NGA UFI=-889707

Londonderry is an island (UFI -889706) and an archipelago (UFI -889707) in the Magallanes Region at the western end of the Beagle Channel and Darwin Sound; the captain of HMS Beagle, Robert FitzRoy, was a descendant of the Marquis of Londonderry.

Nearby islands include Gilbert Island and Stewart Island to the northwest, O'Brien Island, Chile to the north, and Cook Island (or London Island) and Thompson Island to the east.


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