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Loneliness, the state of "feeling lonely," describes a human state or feeling involving isolation, or the feeling of disconnection with others, etc. Often accompanied by a sense of yearning for connection. Usually manifests through hopes of romantic redemption in the arms of another. Lonely may also refer to:

  • "Lonely" a 2014 single from B1A4 2nd album [WHO AM I]
  • "Lonely", a 2011 single from 2NE1's album 2NE1 2nd Mini Album
  • "Lonely", a 2006 single from Shannon Noll's second album Lift
  • "Lonely", a 2005 single from Senegalese singer Akon's album Trouble.
  • "Lonely", a 1998 single from Merril Bainbridge's second album Between the Days
  • "Lonely", a 1997 single by Nana.
  • "Lonely", a 2005 song from Líbido's studio album Lo Último que Hable Ayer
  • "Lonely", a 2007 song from Bon Jovi's album Lost Highway
  • "Lonely", a 2009 song from Foreigner's double album Can't Slow Down
  • "Lonely", a 1988 song from Crimson Glory's album Transcendence
  • "Lonely", a 1973 song from Tom Waits' debut album Closing Time
  • "Lonely", a 1997 song by Peter Andre from his album Time
  • "Lonely", a 2013 song by Danny Brown from his album Old
  • "Lonely (Amy's Theme)", a 1967 song from Lovin' Spoonful's album You're a Big Boy Now
  • "Lonely", a song written by Sharon Sheeley and performed by Eddie Cochran

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