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The following is a list of long-distance trails in the United States:

Name Length Region Endpoint 1 Endpoint 2 Description
mi km
Allegheny Trail 7002330000000000000330 7002330000000000000530 West Virginia Appalachian Trail Mason–Dixon line mostly in West Virginia through the Appalachians and Allegheny Mountains
American Discovery Trail 70036800000000000006,800 700368000000000000010,900 Coast-to-coast Delmarva Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean northern California coast on the Pacific Ocean passes through Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California
Appalachian Trail 70032186000000000002,186 70032186000000000003,518 Appalachian Mountains Georgia Maine passes through North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire
Arizona Trail 7002790000000000000790 70027900000000000001,270 Arizona mountains and canyons Mexico Utah Designated a National Scenic Trail in 2009.
Art Loeb Trail 700130100000000000030.1 700130100000000000048.4 Pisgah National Forest Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp Davidson River Campground Transverses the Pisgah Ranger District from North to South, and passes through the Shining Rock Wilderness.
Backbone Trail 700168000000000000068 7001680000000000000109 Santa Monica Mountains NW of Los Angeles, California Point Mugu State Park Will Rogers State Historic Park traverses Santa Monica Mountains, limited overnight capacity
Bartram Trail 7002153000000000000153 7002153000000000000246 southeast mountains Chattooga River Cheoah Bald connects to the Appalachian and Foothills Trails; traverses Georgia and North Carolina
Batona Trail 700149500000000000049.5 700149500000000000079.7 New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve Ong's Hat Bass River State Forest Passes through three state parks in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens
Bay Area Ridge Trail 7002500000000000000500 7002500000000000000800 San Francisco Bay Area circles San Francisco Bay; under development
Bay Circuit Trail 7002200000000000000200 7002200000000000000320 Massachusetts Newbury Kingston under construction; will circumnavigate Massachusetts Bay
Benton MacKaye Trail 7002300000000000000300 7002300000000000000480 southeast mountains Springer Mountain in Georgia Davenport Gap in Tennessee connects from the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail; traverses Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina
Bigfoot Trail 7002400000000000000400 7002400000000000000640 northwest California Klamath Mountains of northwest California Redwood National Park traverses Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness; under development
Bonneville Shoreline Trail 700190000000000000090 7001900000000000000140 Utah circles ancient Lake Bonneville
Border Route Trail 700165000000000000065 7001650000000000000105 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Follows the ridgeline above the chain of lakes along the international border between Minnesota and Ontario, Canada and is known for its dramatic vistas.
Buckeye Trail 70031444000000000001,444 70031444000000000002,324 Ohio Lake Erie at Headlands Beach State Park Eden Park in Cincinnati circles Ohio; many scenic locations, such as the Hocking Hills region and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park; passes through many small historical towns, shares path with American Discovery Trail and North Country Trail
California Coastal Trail 70031200000000000001,200 70031200000000000001,900 California Oregon Mexico more than half complete as of June 2012; within sight, sound, or at least the scent of the sea
Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway 700168000000000000068 7001680000000000000109 Texas South Plains Terminal MM Estelline Terminal MM A rail trail 100 miles (160 km) southest of Amarillo, Texas.
Catamount Trail 7002300000000000000300 7002300000000000000480 Vermont Readsboro, Vermont Canadian border in North Troy, Vermont A cross-country skiing trail which crosses the state of Vermont. Parts of the trail are only open in the winter.
Conestoga Trail 700163000000000000063 7001630000000000000101 Horse-Shoe Trail Mason-Dixon Trail Lancaster County, Pennsylvania A trail that stretches across Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Centennial Trail 7002111000000000000111 7002111000000000000179 South Dakota Black Hills National Forest South Dakota
Chief Ladiga Trail 700133000000000000033 700133000000000000053 Alabama Georgia state line Weaver Alabama's longest rails-to-trails project, at the state line it turns into Georgia's Silver Comet Trail
Chilkoot Trail 700133000000000000033 700133000000000000053 Yukon Dyea, Alaska Bennett, British Columbia international historical trail; late 1890s major access route between the coast and Yukon goldfields
C&O Canal Trail 7002184500000000000184.5 7002184500000000000296.9 Maryland Cumberland Washington, DC trail is the old towpath for the abandoned Chesapeake and Ohio Canal along the Potomac River
Cohos Trail 7002162000000000000162 7002162000000000000261 northeastern New Hampshire Notchland, near Crawford Notch State Park Canadian border at the southern edge of Quebec
Condor Trail 7002400000000000000400 7002400000000000000640 California Los Padres National Forest, ROUTE, under development
Colorado Trail 7002483000000000000483 7002483000000000000777 central Colorado Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver Durango completed in 1987; highest point 13,334 ft (4,064 m); most above 10,000 ft (3,000 m); often dips below the alpine timberline
Cowboy Trail 7002195000000000000195 7002195000000000000314 northern Nebraska Norfolk, Nebraska Valentine, Nebraska started in 1996, a multi-use rail trail. 321 miles (517 km) of former rail right-of-way, if completed may create the longest rail trail.
Continental Divide Trail 70033100000000000003,100 70033100000000000005,000 Rocky Mountains Mexico Canada along highest ridge; 70% complete as of 2007; crosses Triple Divide Peak
Cranberry Lake 50 700150000000000000050 700150000000000000080 New York circles the shores of Cranberry Lake in the northwestern region of the Adirondack Park
Cumberland Trail 7002175000000000000175 7002175000000000000282 Tennessee trail along the Cumberland Plateau
Des Plaines River Trail 700155000000000000055 700155000000000000089 Northern Illinois Wisconsin state line North Avenue in Melrose Park, Chicago short stretches incomplete
Desert Trail 70032223000000000002,223 70032223000000000003,578 Desert and mountains of the West Jacumba, California Snowy Top, Canada Border Traverses the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, the Black Rock Desert, Pueblo Mountains, Blue Mountains, Columbia Plateau, and Selkirk Mountains.
Duncan Ridge Trail 700135500000000000035.5 700135500000000000057.1 Chattahoochee National Forest Appalachian & Benton MacKaye Trails at Three Forks Appalachian Trail at Slaughter Mountain A National Recreation Trail which forms a 60-mile (97 km) loop in combination with the Appalachian Trail.
East Coast Greenway 70033000000000000003,000 70033000000000000004,800 eastern U.S. Calais, Maine Key West, Florida 29% complete as of 2013
Eastern Continental Trail 70035400000000000005,400 70035400000000000008,700 eastern U.S. Key West, Florida Belle Isle, Newfoundland mountain route to Labrador, Canada
Erie Canalway Trail 7002360000000000000360 7002360000000000000580 New York Buffalo, New York Albany, New York 77% Complete as of 2014[1]
Finger Lakes Trail 7002557700000000000557.7 7002557700000000000897.5 New York Catskills Western New York
Florida Trail 70031400000000000001,400 70031400000000000002,300 Florida Gulf Islands National Seashore Big Cypress National Preserve
Foothills Trail 700176000000000000076 7001760000000000000122 Appalachian foothills Table Rock State Park Oconee State Park Follows the Blue Ridge Escarpment in South Carolina, and partly in North Carolina.
Fox River Trail (Illinois) 700144000000000000044 700144000000000000071 Northern Illinois Algonquin, Illinois Oswego, Illinois
Fox River State Recreational Trail 700126300000000000026.3 700126300000000000042.3 NE Wisconsin downtown Green Bay Hilbert northern 12 miles (19 km) paved, southern 14 miles (23 km) gravel
7001980000000000000158 Wisconsin
George S. Mickelson Trail 7002108800000000000108.8 7002108800000000000175.1 South Dakota within the Black Hills
Ghost Town Trail 700136000000000000036 700136000000000000058 Western Pennsylvania Ebensburg, Pennsylvania Black Lick, Indiana County A National Recreation Trail in Western Pennsylvania.
Grand Enchantment Trail 7002730000000000000730 70027300000000000001,170 southwest desert Phoenix, Arizona Albuquerque, New Mexico east-west mostly wilderness trail
Great Allegheny Passage 7002150000000000000150 7002150000000000000240 northeast A rail trail in Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Great Eastern Trail 70031600000000000001,600 70031600000000000002,600 approx. eastern U.S. New York Alabama in development with portions open
Great River Trail 700160000000000000060 700160000000000000097 Northern Illinois Rock Island, Illinois Savanna, Illinois in development with most open
Great Western Trail 70034455000000000004,455 70034455000000000007,170 western Rockies Canada Mexico passes through Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming
Great Western Trail (Illinois) 700192000000000000092 7001920000000000000148 Illinois, Iowa mostly rails to trails conversion
Great Western Loop 70036875000000000006,875 700368750000000000011,064 Western United States Grand Canyon Grand Canyon loop of the U.S. west combining the Pacific Crest Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and other trails.[2]
Green Bay Trail-Robert McClory Trail-Kenosha County Bike Path 700136000000000000036 700136000000000000058 Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Wilmette, Illinois Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Greenstone Ridge Trail 700140000000000000040 700140000000000000064 Isle Royale National Park Windigo Ranger Station Rock Harbor, Michigan Backbone trail of Isle Royale
Hayduke Trail 7002812000000000000812 70028120000000000001,307 Utah and Arizona route in Utah and Arizona, linking Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks
Hennepin Canal Parkway 7002105000000000000105 7002105000000000000169 Northern Illinois Bureau Junction, Illinois Colona, Illinois
High Line Canal 700158000000000000058 700158000000000000093 Colorado trail along the High Line Canal waterway from Waterton Canyon through metropolitan Denver, Colorado
Highlands Trail 7002162700000000000162.7 7002162700000000000261.8 New York + New Jersey Storm King Mountain Delaware Water Gap [1]
High Country Pathway 700172000000000000072 7001720000000000000116 Michigan Loop through the Pigeon River Country State Forest near Vanderbilt, Michigan
High Sierra Trail 700161500000000000061.5 700161500000000000099.0 California Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park Mount Whitney
Horse Shoe Trail 7002140000000000000140 7002140000000000000230 southeastern Pennsylvania Valley Forge Appalachian Trail near Harrisburg
Ice Age Trail 70031200000000000001,200 70031200000000000001,900 approx. Wisconsin Potawatomi State Park Interstate Park generally follows end moraine of the last ice age
Idaho Centennial Trail 7002900000000000000900 70029000000000000001,400 approx Idaho north-south
Iditarod Trail 70031025000000000001,025 70031025000000000001,650 Alaskan wilderness Seward Nome famous dog sledding race; route alternates each year
Illinois & Michigan Canal Trail 700169000000000000069 7001690000000000000111 Northern Illinois Peru, Illinois Romeoville, Illinois
Illinois Prairie Path 700161000000000000061 700161000000000000098 Illinois Wheaton second of 27 new National Trails, consists of three radials
International Appalachian Trail 70031900000000000001,900 70031900000000000003,100 approx. northeastern North America Mount Katahdin, Maine Newfoundland from the northern terminus of Appalachian Trail; proposals pending to extend to Europe and North Africa
Iron Horse Regional Trail 700140000000000000040 700140000000000000064 San Francisco Bay Area Concord, California Pleasanton, California The completed Iron Horse Regional Trail will span the distance from Livermore to Suisun Bay in Contra Costa County, a distance of 55 miles, connecting two counties and 12 cities.
Iron Mountain Trail 700158000000000000058 700158000000000000093 approx. NE Tennessee and Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Virginia Appalachian Trail at Cross Road Mountain, Tennessee North west of Fries, Virginia Transverses the Iron Mountains; most of the route was part of the Appalachian Trail prior to 1972. Many sections are open to bikes and equestrians.
John Muir Trail 7002211000000000000211 7002211000000000000340 California Sierra Nevada Yosemite Valley Mount Whitney
Jordan River Trail 700140000000000000040 700140000000000000064 Utah Great Salt Lake (U.S.) Utah Lake winds through city parks and residential areas, mostly paved; an unpaved extension continues another ~26 miles north
Katy Trail 7002240000000000000240 7002240000000000000390 Missouri crosses the state
Knobstone Trail 700158000000000000058 700158000000000000093 southern Indiana
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail 700170000000000000070 7001700000000000000110 southwestern Pennsylvania trail in the Laurel Highlands area
Lone Star Hiking Trail 7002120000000000000120 7002120000000000000190 Texas Sam Houston National Forest north of Houston
Long Path 7002347400000000000347.4 7002347400000000000559.1 New York + New Jersey George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey Altamont, New York (Albany)
Long Trail 7002272000000000000272 7002272000000000000438 Vermont Massachusetts Canada
Lost Turkey Trail 700126300000000000026.3 700126300000000000042.3 Western Pennsylvania Somerset County, Pennsylvania Bedford County, Pennsylvania Trail spanning three counties in Western Pennsylvania
Loyalsock Trail 700159200000000000059.2 700159200000000000095.3 north central Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Route 87, 10 mi (16 km) north of Montoursville Meade Road, 0.2 mi (0.3 km) from U.S. Route 220, just north of Laporte Hiking trail that runs parallel to Lycoming Creek. The trail is maintained by the Alpine Club of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Maah Daah Hey Trail 700196000000000000096 7001960000000000000154 North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt National Park the longest continuous single track mountain biking trail in America
Mark O. Hatfield Memorial Trail 700160000000000000060 700160000000000000097 Oregon Starvation Creek Multnomah Falls proposed in 2011, almost entirely in wilderness, course incompletely determined as of 2013, but expected to be on existing trails
Mason-Dixon Trail 7002190000000000000190 7002190000000000000310 Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Springs, Pennsylvania Brandywine Creek at Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
Massanutten Trail 700171000000000000071 7001710000000000000114 George Washington National Forest Large loop trail; National Recreation Trail.
Mattabesett Trail 700157000000000000057 700157000000000000092 south-central Connecticut
Metacomet-Monadnock Trail 7002114000000000000114 7002114000000000000183 New Hampshire Metacomet Trail on the Massachusetts-Connecticut state line Mount Monadnock
Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail 7002220000000000000220 7002220000000000000350 Michigan Lake Michigan Lake Huron
Midstate Trail (Massachusetts) 700192000000000000092 7001920000000000000148 Massachusetts Worcester County, central Massachusetts
Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway 700150000000000000050 700150000000000000080 southwest New Hampshire Mount Monadnock Mount Sunapee
Mountains-to-Sea Trail 70031000000000000001,000 70031000000000000001,600 approx. North Carolina Clingman's Dome, Great Smoky Mountains Jockey's Ridge, Outer Banks about 530 miles (850 km) complete as of 2011; follows the Appalachian Trail for 3.4 miles (5.5 km)
Natchez Trace Trail 7002440000000000000440 7002440000000000000710 southeastern U.S. Tennessee Mississippi disjoint trail; 62 miles (100 km) complete; not planned to be connected
New River Trail State Park 700157000000000000057 700157000000000000092 Southern Virginia Pulaski, Virginia Fries, Virginia & Galax, Virginia A rail trail, with three end points, following the New River and one of its tributaries.
North-South Trail 700177000000000000077 7001770000000000000124 Rhode Island Blue Shutters Beach, Charlestown, Rhode Island Massachusetts border, Burrillville, Rhode Island A hiking trail that runs the length of Rhode Island from the Atlantic Ocean in Charlestown to the Massachusetts border in Burrillville, Rhode Island where it connects to the Mid-State Trail.
North Country Trail 70034600000000000004,600 70034600000000000007,400 northern United States Crown Point, New York Lake Sakakawea State Park, North Dakota A diverse footpath crossing the prairies of North Dakota; the Northwoods of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan; rural farm country of southern Michigan and western Ohio; and the rugged Allegheny Plateau of eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York; and finally the Finger Lakes region and Adirondacks of New York.
Northeast Texas Trail 7002132000000000000132 7002132000000000000212 Texas Farmersville, Texas (NE of Dallas) New Boston, Texas incomplete rail to trail conversion which passes through seven rural Texas counties and 19 towns, mostly east-west. There are overgrown and illegally fenced off sections.[3][4][5]
Northville-Placid Trail 7002125000000000000125 7002125000000000000201 New York Northville Lake Placid north-south valley trail through the Adirondack State Preserve
OC&E Woods Line State Trail 7002105000000000000105 7002105000000000000169 Oregon Klamath Falls Thompson Reservoir a rail trail and Oregon State Park
Old Croton Trail 700126200000000000026.2 700126200000000000042.2 New York follows Old Croton Aqueduct
Olympic Discovery Trail 7002120000000000000120 7002120000000000000190 Washington state's Olympic Peninsula Port Townsend La Push about 40 miles (64 km) complete as of 2011 with the remainder traversable using public roads
Oregon Coast Trail 7002362000000000000362 7002362000000000000583 Oregon north Oregon coast at South Jetty Brookings entire Pacific coast of Oregon
Oregon Desert Trail 7002750000000000000750 70027500000000000001,210 Oregon Oregon Badlands Wilderness Lake Owyhee State Park under development as of summer 2013, though no trail needs to be built: uses existing trails and public lands
Ouachita National Recreation Trail 7002223000000000000223 7002223000000000000359 Arkansas and Oklahoma longest trail in Ouachita National Forest
Ozark Highlands Trail 7002218000000000000218 7002218000000000000351 Arkansas through the Ozark National Forest
Ozark Trail 7002350000000000000350 7002350000000000000560 approx. Missouri
Pacific Crest Trail 70032654000000000002,654 70032654000000000004,271 west coast Mexico Canada traverses Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range paralleling the Pacific Ocean in California, Oregon and Washington
Pacific Northwest Trail 70031200000000000001,200 70031200000000000001,900 Pacific Northwest Glacier National Park (U.S.) Cape Alava, Olympic National Park, Washington Designated a National Scenic Trail in 2009.
Palmetto Trail 7002425000000000000425 7002425000000000000684 South Carolina Charleston southern Appalachians 225 contiguous miles 362 km complete
Paumanok Path 7002125000000000000125 7002125000000000000201 Long Island, New York Rocky Point Montauk Point Only long distance trail in Long Island's Pine Barrens
Pennsylvania Mid State Trail 7002327000000000000327 7002327000000000000526 Pennsylvania Maryland New York traverses width of state
Pinhoti Trail 7002335000000000000335 7002335000000000000539 Alabama and Georgia Benton MacKaye Trail Flagg Mountain near Weogulfa, Alabama Connects the Appalachian Trail to the southernmost mountain of the Appalachian Mountain chain that is over 1,000 feet (300 m) in elevation.
Potomac Heritage Trail 7002830000000000000830 70028300000000000001,340 mid-northeastern U.S. incomplete; within Potomac River basin
River to River Trail 7002126000000000000126 7002126000000000000203 Southern Illinois Ohio River Mississippi River Stretches through Shawnee National Forest. It forms part of the Southern Section of the American Discovery Trail.
Robert Frost Trail 700147000000000000047 700147000000000000076 Massachusetts Connecticut River Valley
Rock Island Trail 700132000000000000032 700132000000000000051 Central Illinois Peoria, Illinois Toulon, Illinois
San Diego Trans County Trail 7002160000000000000160 7002160000000000000260 California The Salton Sea to Torrey Pines Beach; ROUTE - under development
San Francisco Bay Trail 7002500000000000000500 7002500000000000000800 San Francisco Bay Area encircles shoreline of San Francisco Bay; under development
San Joaquin River Trail 700173000000000000073 7001730000000000000117 Central California Friant Dam to Devils Postpile in the High Sierra Nevada Mountain Range; under development
Sheltowee Trace Trail 7002282000000000000282 7002282000000000000454 Kentucky Daniel Boone National Forest
Sierra High Route 7002195000000000000195 7002195000000000000314 California within Kings Canyon National Park, Inyo National Forest, and Yosemite National Park
Silver Comet Trail 700161500000000000061.5 700161500000000000099.0 western Georgia a rails-to-trails project, at the state line it turns into Alabama's Chief Ladiga Trail
Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail 700129500000000000029.5 700129500000000000047.5 California coastal mountains Pacific Ocean
Solitude Loop Trail 700155200000000000055.2 700155200000000000088.8 Wyoming Bighorn National Forest Wyoming loop trail beginning and ending at Coffeen Park Trail #592 parts run through the Cloud Peak Wilderness
Standing Stone Trail 700171000000000000071 7001710000000000000114 Pennsylvania Greenwood Furnace State Park near McAlevys Fort, Pennsylvania Tuscarora Trail in Buchanan State Forest Connects the Mid State and Tuscarora Trails. Known as the Link Trail until 2007.
Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway 700175000000000000075 7001750000000000000121 west central New Hampshire loop trail encircling the Kearsarge-Lake Sunapee region [2]
Superior Hiking Trail 7002296000000000000296 7002296000000000000476 Minnesota Jay Cooke State Park 270 Degree Overlook at the Canadian-U.S. Border follows north shore of Lake Superior
Susquehannock Trail System 700185000000000000085 7001850000000000000137 north central Pennsylvania trail loop in the Susquehannock State Forest
Tahoe Rim Trail 7002165000000000000165 7002165000000000000266 California + Nevada loop trail surrounding Lake Tahoe
Tahoe-Yosemite Trail 7002180000000000000180 7002180000000000000290 California Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite Lake Tahoe
Tecumseh Trail 700138200000000000038.2 700138200000000000061.5 Indiana Morgan Monroe State Forest Monroe Reservoir
Theodore Solomons Trail 7002271000000000000271 7002271000000000000436 California Glacier Point Horseshoe Meadows parallel alternate to the John Muir Trail, laying lower and further west
Tuscarora Trail 7002252000000000000252 7002252000000000000406 Appalachians parallels Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia
Timberline Trail 700140700000000000040.7 700140700000000000065.5 Oregon loops around Mount Hood, almost completely in wilderness
Trans-Catalina Trail 700137200000000000037.2 700137200000000000059.9 California Avalon Starlight Beach Traverses the length of Santa Catalina Island
Tunnel Hill State Trail 700148000000000000048 700148000000000000077 Southern Illinois Harrisburg, Illinois Karnak, Illinois
Uintas Highland Trail 7002120000000000000120 7002120000000000000190 Utah follows the mountain ridges including Utah's highest mountain King's Peak]]; wilderness
North Umpqua Trail 700179000000000000079 7001790000000000000127 southern Oregon follows the Umpqua River; 11 segments mostly in undeveloped forest
Virginia Creeper Trail 700135000000000000035 700135000000000000056 Southwest Virginia Abingdon, Virginia Whitetop, Virginia near the Appalachian Trail; multi use rail trail
Virginia Highlands Horse Trail 700167000000000000067 7001670000000000000108 Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Elk Garden New River Trail State Park Multi-use trail that crosses the Appalachian Trail as it transverses Mount Rogers National Recreation Area.
Wabash Cannonball Trail 700163000000000000063 7001630000000000000101 Ohio Montpelier near Liberty, Ohio rail to trail conversion in northwestern Ohio; partially complete in 2012; two forks meet in Maumee[6]
Warrior Trail 700167000000000000067 7001670000000000000108 Pennsylvania and West Virginia Monongahela River at Greensboro, Pennsylvania Ohio River south of Moundsville, West Virginia A hiking trail entirely on private property
Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Trail 700144700000000000044.7 700144700000000000071.9 Northern Virginia Shirlington, Virginia Purcellville, Virginia A rail trail in Northern Virginia.
Wild Azalea Trail 700131000000000000031 700131000000000000050 Louisiana Woodworth, Louisiana Valentine Lake Recreation Area Biking and hiking trail through the Calcasieu Ranger District.
Willard Munger State Trail 700163000000000000063 7001630000000000000101 Northern Minnesota Hinckley, Minnesota Duluth, Minnesota A rail trail in Minnesota
West Rim Trail 700130500000000000030.5 700130500000000000049.1 north central Pennsylvania On Colton Road 0.5 miles (0.8 km) south of U.S. Route 6, near the village of Ansonia Pennsylvania Route 414, 1.8 miles (2.9 km) south of the village of Blackwell Long distance trail that follows the western edge of Pine Creek Gorge.
Wonderland Trail 700193000000000000093 7001930000000000000150 Washington loop around Mount Rainier in Washington
Waterloo-Pinckney Trail 700136000000000000036 700136000000000000058 Michigan Lower Peninsula and the closest city is Chelsea, Michigan

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