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Long & McQuade is the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in Canada, There is a total of 64 locations from coast to coast.[1]

Long & McQuade Limited was formed in 1956 when Jack Long became a dealer for King Band Instruments. He set up a small store on Carlton Street in Toronto on the second floor of a house which had been divided into music studios. About six months later he acquired a partner, Jack McQuade.[2] In 1966 McQuade sold his interests to Long to pursue his busy career as a drummer.

The original storefront was opened in 1957 on Yonge Street at Yorkville Avenue. It was here that Yorkville Sound was created—when Peter Traynor began building speaker cabinets and then amplifiers on the second floor of the store, to meet a growing need for amplifiers and PA systems in the budding rock and roll industry.[2]

Yorkville Sound continues to manufacture and distribute musical related products which are sold through Long & McQuade and other retail outlets throughout Canada and the World. Yorkville's product lines include Gibson guitars, Epiphone guitars, Apex, Art, Hughes and Kettner, CrossRock bags, Mapex Drums, Line 6 electronics, Roto-Sound Strings, Traynor, Elite, Audiopro, VTC Pro, Orion FX lighting, Visual Sound, Los Cabos drum sticks, L.R Baggs, Granite Percussion, Beyerdynamic, and Gallien-Krueger.

Jack Long is still active in the company's day to day operations and has been joined by his sons Steve, Jon, and Jeff.[3]

Products and services[edit]

  • Pianos and Digital Pianos
  • Electronic Keyboards
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Bass Guitars
  • Amplifiers
  • Guitar Effects Pedals
  • Acoustic and Electric Percussion
  • Orchestral Instruments and Accessories
  • Folk Instruments and Accessories
  • DJ equipment
  • Professional Audio Editing Software and Equipment
  • Print and Sheet Music
  • Instrument rentals
  • Audio System rentals
  • Music Lessons
  • Apparel
  • Band Instrument Repair
  • Percussion Instruments

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