Long Road Ahead

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"Long Road Ahead"
The Walking Dead episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 3
Directed by Eric Parsons
Written by Sean Vanaman
Story by Chuck Jordan
Original air date August 28, 2012 (2012-08-28)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Starved for Help"
Next →
"Around Every Corner"

"Long Road Ahead" is the third episode of the episodic graphic adventure The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series. It was released on August 28, 2012


While coming back scavenging supplies in Downtown Macon, Kenny tells Lee and Lilly of his plan to leave the motel with Katjaa and Duck. Lilly becomes angered with Kenny's plan about leaving after killing her father at the meat dairy locker. When their arguments settle, tells the group that Lilly has become paranoid because of her father's death. If Lee sided with Kenny in the previous episode, he states that "none of this getting easier"; if Lee sided with Lilly in the previous episode, Kenny believes that no one supports him and feels unappreciated.

Lee asks Lilly what the problem is, to which she replies that somebody's been stealing their supplies and asks Lee to search for clues. If Carley was saved in the first episode, Lee has the option to reveal his criminal background to other survivors to gain their trust. Lee and Duck investigate the motel's surroundings and find stolen supplies outside the motel, apparently left for the bandits. Once Lee reveals the stolen supplies to Lilly, she plans to interrogate everyone but the bandits attack the motel for the supplies. Lilly, Lee, Kenny, & Carley/Doug (Determinant) are able to kill the bandits but the gunfire triggers noises that attract nearby walkers. The group then escapes the motel in an RV.

While Lilly questions who she suspects, Ben and Carley/Doug, Kenny pulls over the RV after hitting a walker. The arguments become heated when Carley/Doug tells Lilly off and defends Ben, both causing Lilly to snap and kill Carley/Doug in fit of rage/by accident. A furious Lee is forced to decide to leave Lilly behind to die or let her back in the RV (If Let her in the RV, she will steal the RV later on). Either way, she will tell the group about Lee's criminal past, which triggers Kenny's reaction. If Lee chose to tell Kenny about his past, Kenny will declare that he doesn't care about his past. If Lee did not, Kenny will be surprised. Katjaa then reveals to Lee that Duck was bitten in the raid, leaving Lee shocked. Lee then sits down with Clementine and tells her about his past and her experience with Lee when they met. Lee then falls asleep, having a nightmare of Clementine being a walker.

The group then comes upon a train blocking the road and meets its sole inhabitant, Chuck. Fortunately, they manage to activate the train and plan to ride it down to Savannah to find a boat. En route, Katjaa warns Lee that Duck will turn soon and asks him to tell Kenny to stop the train. Kenny strongly refuses to believe Duck will become a walker. Lee can talk Kenny down from ignoring his son's fate because Kenny feels it's his fault (Duck's dying because Kenny didn't try to save Shawn at Hershel's farm), or Lee can fight Kenny to make him stop the train. Either way, Kenny will come to terms with Duck's destiny and will stop the train.

When they stop, Kenny is afraid that he has to end his son's suffering. Lee can choose to end Duck's suffering for him or let Kenny end his son's life. Clementine is disheartened to learn that her friend is going to be killed. Katjaa then commits suicide over the deep heartbreak of her son's fate, which lets Lee make a decision to kill Duck, have Kenny finish him, or leave him in the woods to reanimate.

Chuck tells Clementine if her group keeps going on "like this", then she is doomed. Lee is enraged at Chuck for telling Clementine that she's going to die, but Chuck then gives Lee advice such as teaching Clementine how to protect herself with a weapon, cutting her hair, and planning what to do once the survivors arrive in Savannah. Chuck apologizes and says that he didn't mean to scare Clementine; he is just worried that "too many people have died" and if Chuck sees the death of another child, he might "do himself in". Lee takes Chuck's advice to heart.

After Lee teaches Clementine how to shoot accurately, cuts her hair, and makes a plan with her to find her parents at the Marsh House (the hotel her parents were staying at during the outbreak), Ben admits to Lee that he was the one giving the supplies to the bandits in order to save a friend of his whom the bandits held hostage. Lee will either understand Ben's decision and tell him not to tell Kenny, or will be furious at Ben and threaten to kill him.

The group stops the train after Kenny finds a falling diesel tanker dangling off a bridge over the railroad. They later meet friends Omid and Christa on top of the bridge. After their how-do-you-dos, Lee spots a blow torch, and is able to cut the tanker down. Ben spots a massive herd of walkers coming to the train. The group escapes, but Omid's leg is badly injured after he falls from the bridge to escape the herd. The episode ends with Lee and Kenny hearing a man's ominous voice from Clementine's supposedly broken walkie-talkie, who instructs Clementine to find him whether Lee approves or not as he claims he has her parents. This leaves Lee and Kenny stunned as they wonder who the unknown man is. Meanwhile, the train finally nears in on Savannah.


Actor/Actress Role Details/Other Role
Dave Fennoy Lee Everett N/A
Melissa Hutchison Clementine N/A
Gavin Hammon Kenny N/A
Cissy Jones Katjaa Jolene
Last appearance
Max Kaufman Kenny Jr."Duck" Last appearance
Nikki Rapp Lilly Last appearance
Trevor Hoffman Ben Paul First appearance
Nicole Vigil Carley1 Last appearance
Sam Joan Doug1 Last appearance
Maxwell Zorbel Bandit Leader Last appearance
Roger L. Jackson Charles"Chuck"
First appearance
Owen Thomas Omid First appearance
Mara Junot Christa First appearance
  • ^1 Determinant Status (Depending choice in A New Day)
  • ^2 Radio Voice only


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PSN (PlayStation 3) 86.1% 87/100
XBLA (Xbox 360) 88.4% 88/100
PC (Windows, Mac) 85.4% 85/100
iOS (iPad, iPhone) 90% TBD
PlayStation Vita 82.5% 89/100

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