Long Since Forgotten

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Long Since Forgotten
Origin Syracuse, New York, USA
Genres Emo[1][2]
Indie rock
Years active 1999–2009
Labels Rocketstar Recordings
EVO Records
Website longsinceforgotten.net

Long Since Forgotten is an American band from Syracuse, New York.


Long Since Forgotten formed in 1999 by Josh Coy, Caleb Coy, and Jeff French, who self-released a full-length album and an EP before adding a permanent drummer, Steve Stockin, to their lineup.[1] After regional touring, the group signed to RocketStar Recordings and released their second album in 2002, produced by Ed Rose.[1] After a nationwide tour,[1] a second album on RocketStar, Standing Room Only, followed in 2004, which was also produced by Rose.[2][3][4][5] In late 2007, the group released its fourth LP, The Theft,[6] which was issued in Japan before seeing a release in the United States.[7]


  • Josh Coy - guitar, vocals, theremin, lute, keyboards, oboe
  • Caleb Coy - bass, vocals, mandolin, alto saxophone, spoon
  • Jeff French - guitar, clarinet, drums, bass, vocals, synthesizer
  • Steve Stockin - drums, mixtables, triangle, drums, auto-harp


  • In All Honesty (2000)
  • Monday 12AM EP (2001)
  • All the Things You Said... (RocketStar Recordings, 2002)
  • Standing Room Only (RocketStar, January 27, 2004)
  • The Theft (EVO, 2007)


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