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Dr. Lonnie Carton is a family therapist and educational consultant,[1] known best for her longest-running daily feature on CBS Radio, "The Learning Center",[2] which provided sound, sensible, and easy-to-follow strategies for successful parenting.

She previously served as a professor of educational psychology at Tufts University and is a past recipient of the National Media Award of the American Psychological Association in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the advancement of psychology as a science, profession and means of promoting human welfare. Carton also serves as a member of the Anheuser-Busch "Family Talk About Drinking" Advisory Panel and the host of the popular "Family Talk about Drinking" Video.

Carton's book No is a love word offers a seven-part formula for learning the three No's you should never say to children, and the four No's you should always say. It teaches parents to get the "No"-how, and learn how to say it fairly, firmly, calmly and consistently.

Carton's CD "Parenting Preschoolers from the Park Bench" is an audio guide that offers short, sensible strategies and skills for parents who want to learn how to raise physically, socially, and emotionally healthy sons and daughters.

In 2009 Carton began a blog, transitioning her news-media and print work online to guide parents and children through the growing years and reinforce positive parent-child relationships.


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