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"Look Who's Stalking"
Veronica Mars episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 20
Directed by Michael Fields
Written by John Enbom
Production code 2T7220
Original air date April 25, 2006
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Nevermind the Buttocks"
Next →
"Happy Go Lucky"
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"Look Who's Stalking" is episode 20 of season 2 of the television show Veronica Mars. It had an estimated audience size of 2.02 million US viewers on its first airing.[1]


Gia enlists Veronica's help to find out who is stalking her, while Logan makes a surprising confession to Veronica.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Veronica finds out that she has chlamydia.
  • Logan says that the sketch of the man who stole Cliff's briefcase looks like his father's cell mate.
  • Woody enlists Keith in helping cover up an unconscious prostitute (who he claims is a campaign staffer) that was in a hotel room with Woody. Keith is photographed carrying her out and Woody puts the blame on him; Keith tells the media the truth.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, Veronica reminds Logan that after they graduate, they'll probably never see each other again. At the alterna-prom, Logan tells Veronica how much he misses being with her, and how she broke his heart. He confesses that he felt their relationship was epic, and apologizes for his actions the previous summer. As he leans in to kiss her, Veronica gets nervous and leaves. The next day, she realizes that she doesn't want her and Logan to never speak again, so she goes to his hotel room and tells him that she wasn't ready for a relationship, but she wanted them to make a point of seeing each other after graduation. When she discovers that Kendall Casablancas is in the room and Logan tells her last night was such a blur, she starts crying and heads towards the elevator. He chases after her, starting phrases such as "You should know..." and "Whatever I said..." But Veronica shakes her head at him and leaves.
  • Gia received a DVD of her brother's soccer game in the same way that Woody received one. This turns out to be from Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic, the janitor at Neptune High who used to be the batboy for the Neptune Sharks. He is arrested, but his bail is paid by the Mannings.



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