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Loose Music logo.png
Founded 1998
Founder Tom Bridgewater
Distributor(s) Essential
Rough Trade
Thirty Tigers
Genre Americana
Alternative, Singer/Songwriter
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London
Official website http://www.loosemusic.com

Loose Music is a British independent record label based in Acton, London.[1]

In 1998, Loose was formed from the vinyl only record label, Vinyl Junkie, which was set up in 1994 by Tom Bridgewater.[2]

Since 1998, Loose has released music by the following artists: Giant Sand, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, M Ward, Mark Mulcahy, Neko Case, The Handsome Family, The Felice Brothers, Dawes, Deer Tick, Frontier Ruckus, Hurray For The Riff Raff and Grand Drive.

Current Artists[edit]


Cat. No. Artist Title
VJ1 v/a Vinyl Junkie Country
VJ3 v/a Cowpunks
VJCD3 v/a Jukebox Cowboy
VJCD004 v/a New Sounds of the Old West Volume 1
VJCD105 The Handsome Family Through the Trees
VJCD105 Red Star Belgrade End Of The Line
VJCD108 Grand Drive Road Music
VJCD109 Mark Mulcahy Fathering
VJCD111 Various New Sounds of the Old West Volume 2
VJCD112 The Handsome Family In the Air
VJCD113 Giant Sand Chore of Enchantment
VJCD114 Neko Case & Her Boyfriends Furnace Room Lullaby
VJCD115 Dakota Suite Signal Hill
VJCD116 Chris Mills Kiss It Goodbye
VJCD117 Jubilee Allstars Lights of the City
VJCD118 Grand Drive True Love and High Adventure
VJCD119 Hawksley Workman For Him and the Girls
VJCD120 Noahjohn Had a Burning
VJCD121 Giant Sand Selections
VJCD122 Howe Gelb Confluence
VJCD123 Mark Mulcahy Smilesunset
VJCD124 M Ward End of Amnesia
VJCD125 Ashley Park American Scene
VJCD126 The Handsome Family Twilight
VJCD127 v/a New Sounds of the Old West Volume 3
VJCD128 The Arlenes Stuck on Love
VJCD129 Paul O’Reilly First Thing in the Morning
VJCD130 Vera Cruise Come Alone and Fall Apart
VJCD131 Corb Lund Band Five Dollar Bill
VJCD132 Hayden Skyscraper National Park
VJCD133 Wiskey Biscuit Wiskey Biscuit
VJCD134 Horse Stories Traveling Mercies
VJCD135 The Nick Luca Trio Little Town
VJCD136 Chris Mills The Silver Line
VJCD137 Noahjohn Water Hymns
VJCD138 Jim & Jennie & The Pinetops One More in the Cabin
VJCD139 Peter Bruntnell Ends of the Earth
VJCD140 v/a Loose Selections
VJCD141 Steve Turner Searching for Melody
VJCD142 Willard Grant Conspiracy Regard the End
VJCD143 Horse Stories One Hundred Waves
VJCD144 The Handsome Family Singing Bones
VJCD145 Peter Bruntnell Played Out
VJCD146 Blanche If We Can’t Trust The Doctors
VJCD147 Mary Lou Lord Baby Blue
VJCD148 Charlemagne Charlemagne
VJCD149 Hayden Elk Lake Serenade
VJCD150 Summer of Mars Glaciers
VJCD151 The Arlenes Going to California
VJCD152 Toby Burke Winsome Lonesome
VJCD153 Jawbone Dang Blues
VJCD154 Willard Grant Conspiracy There but for the Grace of God
VJCD155 Roger Dean Young Casa
VJCD156 Bap Kennedy The Big Picture
VJCD157 Mark Mulcahy In Pursuit of Your Happiness
VJCD158 v/a Start Your Own Country
VJCD159 Peter Bruntnell Ghost In A Spitfire
VJCD160 Horse Stories Everyone's A Photographer
VJCD161 Jawbone Hauling
VJCD162 Willard Grant Conspiracy Let It Roll
VJCD163 Corb Lund Band Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
VJCD164 Mendoza Line Full of Light and Full of Fire
VJCD165 Inara George All Rise
VJCD166 The Handsome Family Last Days of Wonder
VJCD167 v/a Heartworn Highways soundtrack
VJCD168 The Last Town Chorus Wire Waltz
VJCD169 Blanche What This Town Needs
VJCD170 Blanche Little Amber Bottles
VJCD171 The Felice Brothers Tonight At The Arizona
VJCD172 v/a Country Girl
VJCD173 Monkey Swallows the Universe The Casket Letters
VJCD174 Grand Drive Everyone
VJCD175 Paris Motel In the Salpetriere
VJCD177 The Felice Brothers The Felice Brothers
VJCD178 Danny and the Champions of the World Danny and the Champions of the World
VJCD179 Willard Grant Conspiracy Pilgrim Road
VJCD180 Peter Bruntnell Peter and the Murder of Crows
VJCD181 Ralfe Band Attic Thieves
VJCD182 Mr. David Viner Among the Rumours and the Rye
VJCD184 The Duke and the King Nothing Gold Can Stay
VJCD185 The Handsome Family Honey Moon
VJCD187 The R.G Morrison Farewell My Lovely
VJCD188 Willard Grant Conspiracy Paper Covers Stone
VJCD189 Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou
VJCD190 Danny and the Champions of the World Streets Of Our Time
VJCD191 Hurray for the Riff Raff Hurray for the Riff Raff
VJCD192 Jim White Sounds of the Americans
VJCD193 The Felice Brothers Celebration, Florida
VJCD194 Dawes Nothing is Wrong
VJCD195 v/a This is Loose
VJCD196 Jim White Where it Hits You
VJCD197 Dawes North Hills
VJCD198 Deer Tick Divine Providence
VJCD19899 Deer Tick Divine Providence Lt Ed w/Tim EP
VJCD200 Hurray for the Riff Raff Look Out Mama
VJCD201 The Wooden Sky Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun
VJCD202 Lucero Women & Work
VJCD203 various This Is Loose II
VJCD204 Frontier Ruckus Eternity Of Dimming
VJCD205 The Rockingbirds The Return Of The Rockingbirds
VJCD208 Jonny Fritz Dad Country
VJCD209 Treetop Flyers The Mountain Moves
VJCD210 The Handsome Family Wilderness
VJCD207 Peter Bruntnell Retrospective
VJCD211 Willard Grant Conspiracy Ghost Republic
VJCD212 Danny and the Champions of the World Stay True
VJCD213 Israel Nash Gripka Israel Nash's Rain Plans
VJCD214 Sturgill Simpson High Top Mountain
VJCD215 Vikesh Kapoor The Ballad Of Willy Robbins
VJCD216 Sturgill Simpson Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
VJCD218 Justin Townes Earle Single Mothers
VJCD217 Danny and the Champions of the World Live Champs!
VJCD219 Justin Townes Earle Absent Fathers
VJCD220 Andrew Combs All These Dreams
VJCD221 Joe Pug Windfall

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