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Loramie Creek is a 40.0-mile-long (64.4 km)[1] tributary of the Great Miami River in western Ohio in the United States. Via the Great Miami and Ohio rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River, draining an area of 265 square miles (690 km2).[2] According to the Geographic Names Information System, the stream has also been known historically as "Laramie Creek," "Loramie Ditch," "Loramies Creek," and "Lonamie Creek."[3] It is named after Louis Lorimier, a French-Canadian fur trader who had a trading post in the area in the 18th century.[citation needed]

Loramie Creek rises in northern Shelby County and initially flows southwestwardly, passing through a dam which causes the creek to form Lake Loramie, along which a state park is located. Near Fort Loramie the creek turns southeastwardly, flowing through Lockington Dam (a dry dam) and past the community of Lockington. It flows into the Great Miami River in northern Miami County, about 1 mile (2 km) north of Piqua.[4]

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Coordinates: 40°11′20″N 84°14′32″W / 40.18894°N 84.24217°W / 40.18894; -84.24217