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Lord Herries of Terregles (pronounced "Heh-reez of Ter-regulls'") is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1490 for Herbert Herries. On the death of his grandson, the third Lord, the male line failed. He was succeeded by his daughter Agnes. She married Sir John Maxwell, second son of Robert Maxwell, 5th Lord Maxwell. Their great-grandson, the seventh Lord, succeeded as third Earl of Nithsdale in 1667 on the death of his kinsman the second Earl. The earldom had been created in 1620 for Robert Maxwell, 9th Lord Maxwell. The third Earl's grandson, the fifth Earl, took part in the Jacobite rising of 1715. He was attainted in 1716 and sentenced to death. However, he managed to make a celebrated escape from the Tower of London by changing clothes with his wife's maid the day before his execution.

On his death the claim to the titles passed to his son, the de jure sixth Earl. On his death in 1776 the earldom and lordships of Maxwell and Maxwell, Eskdale and Carlyle are considered to have become extinct. The claim to the lordship of Herries of Terregles passed to his daughter Winifred. She married Sir William Haggerston-Constable, second son of Sir Carnaby Haggerston, 3rd Baronet, of Haggerston Castle, Northumberland (see Constable Maxwell-Scott baronets). Their son Marmaduke William assumed the surname of Constable-Maxwell. On his death in 1819 the claim to the lordship passed to his son William Constable-Maxwell. In 1848 the descendants of the fifth Earl of Nithsdale were restored in blood by Act of Parliament and in 1858 William Constable-Maxwell was restored as tenth Lord Herries of Terregles.

He was succeeded by his son, the eleventh Lord, who notably served as Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire from 1880 to 1908 and of Kirkcudbrightshire between 1885 and 1908. In 1884 he was created of Baron Herries, of Carleverock Castle in the County of Dumfries and of Everingham in the East Riding of the County of York, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. However, the barony became extinct on his death as he had no sons. He was succeeded in the lordship by his daughter, the twelfth Lady Herries of Terregles. She married her first cousin once removed Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 15th Duke of Norfolk. On her death in 1945 the title was inherited by her only son Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 16th Duke of Norfolk, who became the thirteenth Lord Herries of Terregles. When he died in 1975 the dukedom passed to his cousin, the seventeenth Duke, while he was succeeded in the lordship by the eldest of his four daughters, the fourteenth and (As of 2010) present holder of the title. In 1985 Lady Herries of Terregles married the cricketer Colin Cowdrey, who in 1997 was given a life peerage as Baron Cowdrey of Tonbridge.

Brown's Peerage of Scotland states, in 1834: "Lord Herries (Attainted), said to be represented by Constable-Maxwell of Terregles; also claimed by Major Maxwell as merging in the Nithsdale Peerage."

The lordship is named for Terregles, near Dumfries in south west Scotland.

Lords Herries of Terregles (1490)[edit]


The 14th Lady Herries of Terregles has no children. The first ten individuals in the line of succession to the Lordship are:

Lady Mary Mumford (b. 1940), younger sister of the 14th Lady, no children
Lady Sarah Clutton (b. 1941), younger sister of the 14th Lady, no children
The Most Honourable Jane, Marchioness of Lothian (born 1945), youngest sister of the 14th Lady, married to Michael Ancram
Lady Clare Hurd (b. 1979), elder daughter of the Marchioness of Lothian, married to Nick Hurd
Leila Hurd (b. 2012), daughter of Lady Clare Hurd
Lady Mary Kerr (b. 1981), younger daughter of the Marchioness of Lothian
Duncan Henry Davidson (b. 1941), first cousin of the 14th Lady, who has four daughters
Camilla Braka (b. 1968)
Joseph Duncan Braka (b. December 1996)
Natasha James (b. 1969); has two children

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