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William Jeffcock, first Mayor of Sheffield, portrait in Sheffield Town Hall

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield is a ceremonial post held by a member of Sheffield City Council. They are elected annually by the council. The post originated in 1843, with the appointment of William Jeffcock as the first Mayor of Sheffield. Early mayors had significant powers, and chaired both council meetings and the bench of magistrates.[1]

In 1855, the then mayor was refused a good seat at the opening of the Paris Exhibition, as he did not have a chain of office. As a result, one was purchased the following year, and this has remained in use.[2]

In 1897, in the same year as the opening of Sheffield Town Hall, the Mayor was given the right to style himself the "Lord Mayor". To mark this, the first Lord Mayor, Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 15th Duke of Norfolk, gave the Sheffield Mace to mark the royal authority invested in the post.[3]

The Lord Mayor has the use of the Lord Mayor's Parlour in Sheffield Town Hall, an official badge and the honorary presidency of several organisations. The Lord Mayor's Awards and the Lord Mayor's Charity Fund are local institutions organised in the name of the Lord Mayor.

Mrs Ann Eliza Longden was the first female Lord Mayor (1936–7).[4]

Notable former Mayors include George Bassett, founder of a confectionery firm, and the steelmaker Mark Firth.

List of Mayors of Sheffield[edit]

Sir John Brown with the Chain of office, portrait in Sheffield Town Hall
Statue of Henry Fitzalan Howard, the last Mayor and first Lord Mayor of Sheffield, in the lobby of Sheffield Town Hall
The Lord Mayor's Parlour
Year Name Party
1843 William Jeffcock
1844 Thomas Dunn Whig
1845 Samuel Butcher
1846 Henry Wilkinson
1847 Edward Vickers
1848 T. R. Barker
1849 Thomas Birks
1850 Thomas Burdett Turton
1851 John Carr
1852 W. A. Matthews
1853 F. Hoole
1854 William Fisher
1855 William Fawcett
1856 John William Pye-Smith Liberal
1857 R. Jackson
1858 Charles Atkinson
1859 Henry E. Hoole
1860 Henry Vickers
1861-62 Sir John Brown Conservative
1863-64 Thomas Jessop
1865 W. E. Laycock
1866-67 John Webster Conservative
1868-71 Thomas Moore Conservative
1872 John Fairburn
1873 Joseph Hallam
1874 Mark Firth Liberal
1875 John Tasker
1876 George Bassett Conservative
1877 Sir Frederick Mappin Liberal
1878 David Ward
1879 Edward Tozer
1880 Abram Brooksbank
1881-82 Michael Hunter, Jnr.
1883-34 Wm. Henry Brittain
1885 John W. Pye Smith Liberal
1886 Sir Henry Stephenson Liberal Unionist
1887-78 William Johnson Clegg Liberal
1889 J. B. Jackson
1890 Samuel Osborn[5]
1891 William Johnson Clegg Liberal
1891 Joseph Gamble
1892 J. Batty Langley Liberal
1893 E. S. Foster Liberal
1894 Sir Charles. T. Skelton Liberal
1895-96 Henry Fitzalan-Howard

List of Lord Mayors of Sheffield[edit]

Year Name Party
1897 Henry Fitzalan-Howard[6] Conservative
1897 George Franklin
1898 William Edwin Clegg Liberal
1899 Samuel Roberts Conservative
1900 John Eaton
1901 George Senior[7] Conservative
1902 John Wycliffe Wilson Liberal
1903 John Rutland Wheatley
1904 Joseph Jonas
1905 Herbert Hughes, CMG
1906 Robert Styring Liberal
1907 Harry P. Marsh
1908 Henry Kenyon Stephenson, DSO Liberal
1909 Earl Fitzwilliam, KCVO, DSO Conservative
1910 Henry Kenyon Stephenson, DSO Liberal
1911 Albert John Hobson
1912 Samuel Osborn Liberal
1913 George Ernest Branson
1914 Oliver Charles Wilson Liberal
1915 Frederick Arthur Warlow Liberal
1916 Walter Appleyard Liberal
1917 Alfred Cattell Conservative
1918 William Irons Liberal
1919 Samuel Roberts Conservative
1920 William Farewell Wardle Citizen's
1921 Charles Simpson Citizen's
1922 William Carter Fenton Citizen's
1923 Arthur James Blanchard Citizen's
1924 Alfred James Bailey Citizen's
1925 Joseph Benson Citizen's
1926 John George Graves Citizen's
1927 Moses Humberstone Labour
1928 Harry Bolton
1929 Charles William Beardsley Labour
1930 Harold Warters Jackson Municipal Progressive
1931 Thomas Henry Watkins
1933 Fred Marshall Labour
1934 Percival J. M. Turner CBE, JP
1935 Frank Thraves Labour
1936 Ann Eliza Longden
1937 Ernest George Rowlinson Labour
1938 William Joseph Hunter
1939 John Arthur Longden
1940 Luther Frederick Milner
1941 Charles Josiah Mitchell Labour
1942 Harry England Bridgwater
1943 Samuel Hartley Marshall Labour
1944 George Ernest Marlow
1945 Charles William Gascoigne Labour
1946 Ernest Storm Graham
1947 William Ernest Yorke[8] Labour
1949 Grace Tebbutt Labour
1950 Herbert Keeble Hawson
1951 Thomas William Bridgland Labour
1952 Peter Buchanan Labour
1953 Oliver Spencer Holmes
1954 John Henry Bingham Labour
1955 Joseph Curtis Labour
1956 Robert Neill National Liberal and Conservative
1957 Albert Ballard Labour Co-op
1958 John William Holland Labour
1959 Alfred Vernon Wolstenholme
1960 Harold Slack Labour
1961 James Wilfred Sterland, OBE Labour
1962 Percival Cyril John Taylor Kirkman
1963 Isidore Lewis Labour
1964 Albert Smith, OBE Labour
1965 John Stenton Worrall, JP Labour
1966 Lionel Stephen Edward Farris, JP Conservative
1967 Harold Lambert, OBE Labour
1968 Patience Sheard, JP Labour
1969 Daniel Joseph O'Neill, JP Conservative
1970 John Basil Peile, JP[5] Conservative
1970 Sidney Irwin Dyson Labour
1971 Harold Hebblethwaite, JP Conservative
1972 Martha Strafford Labour
1973 Stanley Kenneth Arnold Conservative
1974 Leonard Cope Labour
1975 Albert Edward Richardson Labour
1976 Reginald Edward Munn, JP Labour
1977 Winifred Mary Golding, LL.D Labour
1978 Peter Harold Jackson Labour
1979 George Armitage Labour
1980 William Owen, JP Labour
1981 Enid Anne Hattersley Labour
1982 Gordon Wragg, OBE, JP Conservative
1983 Peter Morgan Newton Jones Labour
1984 George Roy Munn Labour
1985 Dorothy Walton, JP Labour
1986 Frank Prince Labour
1987 Peter Horton Labour
1988 Phyllis May Smith Labour
1989 Anthony Damms Labour
1990 James Moore Labour
1991 Doris Askham Labour
1992 William Jordan Labour
1993 Qurban Hussain Labour
1994 Ian Saunders Labour
1995 David Heslop Conservative
1996 Peter Price Labour
1997 Antony Arber Labour
1998 Frank White Labour
1999 Trevor Bagshaw Liberal Democrat
2000 Patricia Midgley Labour
2001 David Baker Liberal Democrat
2002 Marjorie Barker Labour
2003 Diane Leek Liberal Democrat
2004 Mike Pye Labour
2005 Roger Davison Liberal Democrat
2006 Jackie Drayton Labour
2007 Arthur Dunworth Liberal Democrat
2008 Jane Bird Labour
2009 Graham Oxley Liberal Democrat
2010 Alan Law Labour
2011 Sylvia Dunkley Liberal Democrat
2012 John Campbell Labour
2013 Vickie Priestley Liberal Democrat
2014 Peter Rippon Labour


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