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The 1764 coat of arms of Walter Sandilands, Lord Torphichen.

Lord Torphichen is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created by Queen Mary in 1564 for Sir James Sandilands (to whom she was related), with remainder to his heirs and assigns whatsoever.[1][2] Sandilands had previously served as Preceptor of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta in Scotland, and took the title from the Torphichen Preceptory in West Lothian. He was succeeded by his great-nephew James Sandilands (who was also the current feudal baron of Calder). Thereafter the Lordship of Parliament of Torphichen and the Feudal Barony of Calder were conjoined, and all later lords were descended from the second lord Torphichen. His great-grandson, the seventh Lord, was a strong supporter of the union with England. His grandson, the ninth Lord, and great-great-grandson, the twelfth Lord, sat in the House of Lords as Scottish Representative Peers. Currently the title is held by the latter's great-grandson, the fifteenth Lord, who succeeded his father in 1975. He is Chief of Clan Sandilands and also holds the feudal title of Baron of Calder, dating to the 14th century.

The title of the lordship of Parliament, Torphichen, is pronounced "Tor-fikken".

The ancestral seat of the Sandilands family is Calder House, historically called Caldour Castle, in Mid Calder, West Lothian.

Lords Torphichen (1564)[edit]

  • James Sandilands, 1st Lord Torphichen (c. 1511-1579), succeeded by his elder brother's grandson:
  • James Sandilands, 2nd Lord Torphichen (c. 1574–1617)
  • James Sandilands, 3rd Lord Torphichen (c. 1597–1622)
  • John Sandilands, 4th Lord Torphichen (c. 1598–1637)
  • John Sandilands, 5th Lord Torphichen (1625–1649)
  • Walter Sandilands, 6th Lord Torphichen (1629–1696) m. Anne Elphinstone, daughter of Alexander, 6th Lord Elphinstone[3]
  • James Sandilands, 7th Lord Torphichen (d. 1753)
  • Walter Sandilands, 8th Lord Torphichen (1707–1765)
  • James Sandilands, 9th Lord Torphichen (1759–1815)
  • James Sandilands, 10th Lord Torphichen (1770–1862)
  • Robert Sandilands, 11th Lord Torphichen (1807–1869)
  • James Walter Sandilands, 12th Lord Torphichen (1846–1915)
  • John Gordon Sandilands, 13th Lord Torphichen (1886–1973)
  • James Bruce Sandilands, 14th Lord Torphichen (1917–1975)
  • James Andrew Douglas Sandilands, 15th Lord Torphichen (b. 1946)

The heir presumptive is Robert Powell Sandilands, Master of Torphichen, a great-grandson of the 12th Lord Torphichen and first cousin twice removed of the present Lord Torphichen.

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