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The Lorenz Corporation, previously known as Lorenz Publishing Company, is a music publisher located in Dayton, Ohio. It is best known for its publication of church music for smaller congregations served by amateur musicians. It also publishes other varieties of music and general education materials.


The Lorenz Music Company's office at 501 East 3rd Street in Dayton, Ohio

The company was founded by E.S. Lorenz in 1890 and has been under the management of E.S. Lorenz and his descendants since that time. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company changed its name to Lorenz Industries, and then The Lorenz Corporation. Reiff Lorenz, a great great grandson of the founder, operates the company today.[1]

Current business[edit]

Some of its active imprints are dedicated to music publishing and others focus on general education.

Music Publishing[edit]


  • Heritage Music Press
  • Lorenz
  • The Roger Dean Company[3]
  • SoundForth


The Lorenz Corporation has nine bi-monthly publications for musicians,[4] including the following:

  • The Organist
  • The Organ Portfolio
  • The Sacred Organ Journal
  • The Church Pianist
  • Keyboard Worship & Praise
  • The Volunteer Choir
  • The SAB Choir
  • Ring and Rejoice
  • Activate!

Educational Publishing[edit]

The Lorenz Corporation started publishing general education materials under Lorenz Educational Press in 2008.[5]


  • LEP Interactive
  • Lorenz Educational Press
  • Milliken Publishing
  • Teaching and Learning Company
  • Show What You Know® Publishing


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