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Lorenza Ponce is an American violinist, vocalist, string arranger. She has recorded five albums of her own music and is well known for her collaborative and supporting roles with other musicians, most notably as a touring musician with Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks, Kitaro, Ben Folds Five, Hall and Oates, Bon Jovi and a member of the Jon Bon Jovi (solo) acoustic group.

Notable Live Performance Collaborations[edit]

Recording/String Arranger[edit]


  • 2010 Soul Shifter Melodia Records
  • 2003 The Song of Songs Spring Hill Music
  • 2002 The Instrumentals Melodia Records
  • 2000 Mystic Fiddler Melodia Records
  • 1997 Imago EMI/Angel Records

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