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Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna (1637–1689) was an Italian nobleman of the Colonna family. He was the 8th Duke and Prince of Paliano and hereditary Grand Constable of the Kingdom of Naples. He was also a Knight of the Golden Fleece.


Colonna was born in Rome, the son of Marcantonio V Colonna, Prince of Paliano and Isabella Gioeni Cardona, Princess of Castiglione. He was the nephew of Anna Colonna who married Taddeo Barberini, Prince of Palestrina. He was inducted into the Order of the Golden Fleece in the same year as his cousin, Maffeo Barberini.

In 1661 he married Maria Mancini, a niece of Cardinal Mazarin.[1]

He and his wife became great patrons of the arts[2] but after the birth of their third child, relations between Colonna and his wife deteriorated. She had been a favourite mistress of King Louis XIV of France and many suggested their relationship continued beyond her marriage to Colonna.[3]

On 29 May 1672, fearing that her husband would kill her, Mancini left Rome accompanied by her sister Hortense Mancini. She did not return to Italy until her husband's death in 1689.

Between 1678 and 1681, Colonna was appointed Viceroy of Aragon, in Spain.


Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna and Maria Mancini had three children:

  • Filippo II Colonna, born in 1663
  • Marcantonio Colonna, born in 1664
  • Carlo Colonna, born in 1665


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