Lorenzo di Bicci

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'Madonna and Child with Angles', painting by Lorenzo di Bicci, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1405–1410

Lorenzo di Bicci (c. 1350 – 1427) was an Italian painter of the Florentine school, traditional in outlook. He is believed to have learned his trade from his father, about whom little other than his name, Bicci, is known. By 1370, Lorenzo was a member of the Guild of Saint Luke, the painters' guild of Florence. Lorenzo's earliest documented work, Saint Martin Enthroned, dates from 1380 and is now in the Depositi Galleria Arte in Florence.

He trained his son Bicci di Lorenzo. His grandson Neri di Bicci inherited the workshop. Renaissance painter and art historinan Giorgio Vasari often attributes the son's work to the father.

The Palazzo Capponi alle Rovinate, built in the early 15th century in Florence, is attributed to him.