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Rachel Lee
Chinese name 李麗珍 (traditional)
Chinese name 李丽珍 (simplified)
Jyutping lei5 lai6 zan1 (Cantonese)
Ancestry Meixian, Guangdong, China
Born (1966-01-08) 8 January 1966 (age 48)
Hong Kong
Other name(s) Loletta Lee
李孋珍 (Lee Lai Chun)
Years active 1983 - present

Rachel Lee (Chinese: 李麗珍, earlier known as Loletta Lee) is a Hong Kong actress born on 8 January 1966 in Hong Kong.

She started playing small roles in Hong Kong movies in the 1980s. Her first role as main actress is in Devoted to You. She continued to play as young teenager in the 1980s until 1990.

Her performance in Ordinary Heroes earned her a Golden Horse Award in 1999 for Best Actress. She can be found today working in mainstream Hong Kong cinema.

In an interview with FHM, Lee revealed that her parents were Indonesian Chinese of Meixian ancestry.


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