Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Documentary Film

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The Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Documentary Feature is one of the annual awards given by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

This award had been given since 1988. The award is also known as Best Documentary/Non-Fiction film.



Year Winner Director(s)
1988 Hôtel Terminus Marcel Ophüls
1989 Roger & Me Michael Moore


Year Winner Director(s)
1990 Paris Is Burning Jennie Livingston
1991 American Dream Barbara Kopple
1992 Black Harvest Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly
1993 It's All True Bill Krohn and Myron Meisel
1994 Hoop Dreams Steve James
1995 Crumb Terry Zwigoff
1996 When We Were Kings Leon Gast
1997 Riding the Rails Lexy Lovell and Michael Uys
1998 The Farm: Angola, USA Liz Garbus and Wilbert Rideau
1999 Buena Vista Social Club Wim Wenders


Year Winner Director(s)
2000 Dark Days Marc Singer
2001 The Gleaners and I (Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse) Agnès Varda
2002 The Cockettes Billy Weber and David Weissman
2003 The Fog of War Errol Morris
2004 Born into Brothels Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman
2005 Grizzly Man Werner Herzog
2006 An Inconvenient Truth Davis Guggenheim
2007 No End in Sight Charles Ferguson
2008 Man on Wire James Marsh
2009 The Beaches of Agnès Agnès Varda
The Cove Louie Psihoyos


Year Winner Director(s)
2010 Last Train Home Lixin Fan
2011 Cave of Forgotten Dreams Werner Herzog
2012 The Gatekeepers Dror Moreh
2013 Stories We Tell Sarah Polley
2014 CITIZENFOUR Laura Poitras